Testimony of a Twelves Member

Joining Twelves at the beginning of this current stage, Murray exemplifies the views of those wholeheartedly embracing the vision of Twelves:

Twelves is a process that gripped me from the start, as a powerful yet relatively simple way to bring large currents of healing and redeeming Light into the non-physical energy fields of the Earth. It gives me joy to devote time and energy to such work in a regular and disciplined way.

The three kinds of meditations – Triangles, TAMs and Twelves – address the need and plight of people sunk in slavery, as it often is, to their feelings and passions, in a subjective yet intensely real way. They help the Light of Spirit to leaven the noosphere of the Earth towards a realisation of a global consciousness that could enable us to live in harmony each other and with Nature.

This possibility, widely held in “spiritual” and New Age circles, is not just a pleasant belief. It has tangible support from the Transcendental Meditation experiments with group work in the 1990s, which produced marked reductions in the level of violent crime and other problems in several large cities. Growing support is also coming from Lynne McTaggart’s worldwide Intention work and, in a different way, Dr Joe Dispenza’s striking results.

There is nothing as powerful as a coherent, focused group working from a position of purity of intent.

I see us, as dedicated workers in the physical body, holding different positions on a spectrum of consciousness from humanity to Adeptship; as vital intermediaries in a mighty flow of energy. We are links in the chain, bringing it down from the immense heights of the Masters and beyond, to a “frequency” level more accessible to humanity. So, what do these group meditations mean to me? I love working with kindred souls to help bring transforming Light and Power into a world that is in urgent need of it. The method must be efficient and effective, and I see Twelves as being just that.


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