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Why Twelves

What are the needs?  

Despite the wonderful things that have happened over the last century or so, whole swathes of humanity are still engulfed in war and violence, and live at the poorest subsistence levels, dominated by not-so-wise, not-so-kindly leaders who, too often, are lost in their addictions to self-interest and glorification.

Benefits for humanity  

As increasing number of groups of Twelve work in this way, the subtle but powerful energies of Love that they bring into the realms of 3D-plus-time and ordinary human society, will work like a solvent, eroding the energetic base of the densely selfish and materialistic self-interest and their resultant suffering. Inspiration will flood in for life-promoting ways that will see humanity thrive and flourish at every level of their being.

The work links to an inner ashram and is a conscious link between Hierarchy and our planet. We also engage with building the antahkarana which will be utilized by The World Teacher (TWT).

At this time we focus on 2025 which is the year of the next 100 year Hierarchical Conclave when decisions will be made that will effect humanity for the next hundred years. It is also a time of great opportunity, though many global challenges currently face us. This is not to say 2025 is the year of Reappearance but the initiation of it. The process might be quick or take decades to play out but the decision will be at Wesak 2025.

Why Twelves?

Group work and the possibilities for a useful contribution to the effort of Hierarchy has long been known and practiced by esotericists – this concept is certainly not new.

The triangle network begun many years ago has significantly spread the energy of Goodwill and now it is time again to push forward the work into new territory. The potential for working consciously in Twelve formations to actively change energy patterns is immense.

Twelves Work

The purpose of the Twelves is to provide a dynamic vehicle for the transmission of energies to where they are most needed. Our energies interact by working in triangles forming a star of twelve people. We work within a specific focus.

The Twelves group continues to put itself at the service of the Hierarchy with the intention of providing a disciplined group who can respond with clarity and love to the urgent times ahead.

Who are We?

Twelves is a world-wide alliance of Light Workers from many different backgrounds of culture, country and religion, as well as widely varying ages. We embrace the inclusivity of all to participate fully regardless of race, culture, age or gender.

The Initiate – Twelves as an Experiment

The Initiate is a senior initiate in KH’s Ashram tasked with assisting the Twelves experiment.

We have been reminded time and again that this is a group experiment. It is with humility that those working in Twelves have accepted the Call.

“Twelves can significantly improve the conditions for His Return IF enough dedicated disciples can be found and harnessed to the yoke of this group’s work. Again, the experiment goes forth. No true Twelves has yet been tested and the time is not ripe for the Fire to Burn and the Light be Spread* Your opportunity is to round onto this effort and to begin the process of experimentation. There is no guarantee of success, but the trying will Sound the Note the clarity of which is to be tested. (1982)

Not success that a particular work can be accomplished but a success that in the trying you shall that verily give a service that shall hasten The World Teacher who awaits with anticipation this experiment which could prove a useful tool for Him. (1982)

In stating certain truths anent the work ahead I appeal only to your intuitional reason.  I seek not to instruct but to give opportunity for certain tasks that could be performed by willing disciples in the coming days ahead. This experiment I lay before you, yours is the choice. (1986)

My brothers, you would have once again gathered for the Work ahead, may I place before you the possibility of this experiment succeeding?  (1986)

The second Twelve Group shall be the first to be realised as they are the easiest to begin their journey in this our experiment in time. Subjectively and objectively, they may work and in the Solar Fire shall the work be initiated. (1986)

A great experiment in group potency arising from a long line of intent, woven with care and with cosmic timing. (1999)

I would pose you this: the externalisation procession walks persistently and purposefully towards its inevitable goal and group work such as this experiment unfolds over time. (2000)

We are working with many groups to encourage synergy of expression and growth. Some are in the economic sphere, some in the scientific and yet others in education, religion, and the arts. And we work with a few groups within the esoteric ring-pass-not; the Twelves experiment being one of them and a promising one at that. (2021)”

Thus, in the trying we serve…

The Teachings

Let us attempt to summarise some statements that have been given and which have enabled us to build a picture, even if incomplete and inadequate. This may prove of assistance in better understanding the work of Twelves.

The book Discourses contains the teachings, primarily from the 1980s when the bulk of the teaching regarding Twelves was given. Here excerpts from Discourses.

Certain information has been given you anent groups of nine conscious workers finding a response within the heart centre of the One. We now intend to place before you the concept and practicability of Groups of Twelves sounding a note and bringing forth a response in the head centre, of establishing a link (a tenuous phrase) with Shamballa. Also, this can be extended into three Groups of Twelves and so on. (1982)

It was your reactionary clarity which first prompted us to release the possibilities of Twelves before nines had been properly understood and because of the urgency of the times and the Ultimatum – we grow not restless brothers, but an inner urgency awakens our intent as to the task. (1986)

I would put before you the concept of three types of Groups of Twelves that we would wish to see formed, they are based around the three major Rays of Aspect.

…The realisation – if they who are called respond – of the Power of Love dynamically applied by Groups of twelve disciples, aspirants and probationers, to change the World of Men

Transmutation of atomic matter must proceed with all due speed and urgency. Synthesise your energy structures for use for good and benevolent action. This work is the heart of your mission and must also show and reveal itself in your exoteric work, for the two are closely allied. You will be taught the use of Ray activity and its manifestation later on. (1982)

Twelves can be likened to a connecting switch to the electricity supply – once thrown a tremendous power is unleashed. If certain disciples will but ally themselves to this task, a great service can be rendered.

The interacting of energies, one with the other, is what gives us the tools with which to work. The crossing of wires, if you like, creates the spark. (1985)

Twelves consist of four groups of three. The primary group sets itself around the disciple/magician and resonates energy in accordance with the points as given out previously. Three more join the effort, then another three, then yet another until the Twelves is set up on their course.  

Each participant reacts with two more, setting up a chain of energy response with the others – it is where these energies link that the work has begun. Once this is accomplished the note is sounded and a response (according to clarity) is forthcoming from that place wherein few treads, but all is known.

The disciple / magician then can, in all safety, carry out his task as laid down in the records.  His, in limited movement, are the tools of the Rays, commanded through his soul Ray are the other six.  Hence the old diagrammatical design as presented to you previously. (1985)

This then is the ultimate work to be done – set yourselves to the task dear brothers, to work!

We also recommend the reading of the Temple of Light, a seminal text given to us related to our work.

How it Started

Twelves had its genesis in 1981, on New Year’s Eve, at the exact moment of midnight, when Steven, the founder of Twelves, received his first spiritual communication instructing him to “find the point within the Triangle Divine.”  Steven was meditating with his close friend, Robert Adams, around this time. The two continued their weekly meditations and received further instructions. Unsure what to do they continued their weekly meditations and more information was forthcoming. This was totally unexpected and later The Initiate (in his Chinese body) would visit them in London.

These instructions culminated in the formation of Groups of Twelve, who would come together as an experiment to act as a conduit for Hierarchical ashramic energy. Twelves would expand on the Triangles meditation work performed daily in groups of three by those committed to building a spiritual bridge for humanity along the lines given by Alice A. Bailey in her books with Djwhal Khul.

The Twelves experiment came to be known as the “Twelves Group”, as this was a reflection of the group’s purpose, which involved direct spiritual contact and distribution of spiritual energies for specific purposes.

Steven received almost all of the teachings needed to conduct Twelves from 1982 to 1986. He received those teachings from the Second Ray ashram of  Koot Hoomi (KH),  through an individual now known as ‘The Initiate’ throughout the work. The Initiate is a senior coworker in KH’s ashram and has rejoined our efforts today. Steven and Robert met him, physically, in the 1980s and he retains his sponsorship of the group today. It is often the case with senior masters that They delegate this type of coordination to a trusted Initiate whilst They keep an energetic link from afar.

The spiritual work was conducted on the inner planes and for twenty years the Twelves Group practiced a weekly ashramic meditation and met every year at Wesak, mostly in Glastonbury, England.

The work was outlined, in May 1982, as having three ‘Stages’

1/ ‘Preparatory’ this was from 1980 until 2000

2/ ‘Implementory’ this is today’s work

3/ ‘Revelatory’ this is future work and we do not know what this consists of but can assume it involves The World Teacher.

Key Points

Our information concerning Twelves, their function and the various spiritual possibilities that surround the concept, is certainly not complete and our knowledge is still developing. However, many keys and insights have been given which if meditated upon will provide us with perhaps a reasonable picture and a basis for further work.

There are, however, enough ideas and connections to examine, for we have had presented not on the human or microcosmic picture but also the cosmic or macrocosmic panorama concerning planets and the energies transmitted to Earth along certain cycles.

Our work is certainly a reflection of larger processes occurring within the solar system and who can really comprehend or seek to understand what s happening at that level. The macrocosm is reflected in the microcosm and so it is with our Twelves and the events on our planet, all here is a reflection of those larger solar processes that can perhaps be glimpsed if the student ponders carefully the information given in Discourses, in The Temple of Light. All of us have a role to play within this process, and who can argue that one is more important than another.

We must only accept the ideas contained in what has been given as a hypothesis, for in the course of time they may well be replaced by other, more inclusive, concepts. Emphasis on certain factors might be switched to others as the picture and our understanding of it unfolds.

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