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Triangles for the Diffusion of Light, Love and Power


Four Stages of Participation

Practical Difference Between a Distant Twelve and a Permanent Twelves

Twelves Protocol Process

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For ease of use we have brought together the Protocols for Permanent and Distant Twelves, as the differences were minor.

Why are there two different types of Twelves?  Permanent Twelves (PT) members have committed to serve through Twelves for the next 12 months. However, due to personal circumstances and other inner work engagements, not everybody can commit to a regular schedule and so choose to engage as a ‘distant’ Twelves.  Distant Twelves members are also those who have just joined the Twelves and through Triangles and Twelves Protocols gain insights and experiences of what Twelves entail.

The Protocols create a context for our practical work, of why we do certain things at certain times. We advise our members to read these and give attention to the various sequences. This united approach also allows the group to sound its specific note. Once familiar with the Protocols, then the videos (in various languages) will summarise the various steps.

Each member of a Permanent Twelves has passed through the Triangles and Distant Twelves training.

Triangles for the Diffusion of Light, Love and Power

When considering this area of service, it is useful to be reminded that Light, in the esoteric sense, carries Power and Love. This is why it is used thus:

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth

This Triune energy, combined, is the force which binds esoteric group work together, and allows the New Group of World Servers (NGWS) access to the higher levels of energy to distribute to the Grid of Light in a purposeful and meaningful way.

Anent the Triangles, DK has this to say:

At present a pattern of squares is the major construction of the web but this is slowly changing as the divine plan works out. …The effort on Earth today (as seen by the planetary Logos) is to bring about a transformation of the web of the planet and thus slowly change the existing squares into triangles… (TSR, Vol III – Esoteric Astrology)

At this current stage of human evolution, triangles, triangle networks and triangle formations have a specific task in transforming the web of the planet and facilitating the infusion of Light, Love and Power.

Our work together in Twelves seeks to ‘magnetize’ that work to an even greater level than is possible in Triangles1). As has been described in the book The Esoteric Apprentice, a single (distant) Twelves is certainly more powerful than a single Triangle but much less than a physical or Permanent Twelve (PT). In December 2020 the Group initiated the Burning Ground Twelve (BGT), more akin to a physical Twelve in that the formation is being executed in real time via Zoom.

Twelves work is ever expanding and diversifying. As of July 2021 there are operational Twelves in France, Slovenia, Mexico and Cuba operating in their native languages. These Twelves, while independent, are also an integral part of the Twelves work, and can be seen as branches from the same tree. A further branch is developing in Croatia and in Belgium.


We decided to introduce Twelves as an adjunct and expansion of focus of the Triangle work. In doing so we feed the Grid, and after some time, we may focus on specific issues that require attention. In addition to this we have three other benefits:

  1. We train in Triangles to make the transition to Twelves more easily accomplished;
  • We prepare a large group of experienced coworkers to undertake the advanced work that lays before us. This pool of coworkers allows us more certainty that Twelves will be available and ready.
  • We will learn, discover and participate in the group ‘Note’ as this pervades our collective work together. It is the Note of the Ashram and so listen well dear friends… for it sounds continually. Our OMs will reflect it.

Four Stages of Participation

1) Joining the Twelves ‘pool’ and being allocated a Triangle;

2) undertaking a commitment to work in unison with your Triangle co-workers;

3) after allocation to a Distant Twelve (DT) to undertake the process outlined in this Protocol;

4) decide if you want to make a 12 month commitment when a new Permanent Twelve (PT) is forthcoming and/or join a Burning Ground Twelve (more here)

Practical Difference between a Distant Twelve and a Permanent Twelves     

Distant Twelves have a changing membership but these also offer more flexibility for those having only limited time available due to family, work or other commitments. However, they offer great training in viualisation as you don’t know who the other Twelves members are and in which part of the globe they live. This makes the work truly global and you need to visualise all you do as Light, e.g. all people as Beings of Light, your triangle, the insertion, the formation as made out of Light. This is a powerful training and prepares you for the work in a Permanent and/or Burning Ground Twelves.

What happens: Members are invited to participate in full/new moon & Festival Twelves. Those who sign up will be allocated to a group with twelve people, e.g. part of a list of 12 names. Your regular triangle members might or might not be part of it. Either you have been allocated to a triangle, otherwise you divide the 12 names into 4 triangles. If you appear as number 5 you will be in Triangle 2. Then follow Protocol knowing you are ‘Triangle 2’

A Permanent Twelves’ one-year commitment allows for the creation of permanent Triangles. This creates a stability that allows for more potent group work. For this reason, we suggest members to seriously consider joining a Permanent Twelve when they become available. Regards the Burning Ground Twelves (BGT) which are undertaken monthly in real time via Zoom: there is no requirement to commit to these, but we would like to offer everyone this opportunity. More on BGT

It is to be noted, that active and direct contact with our Ashramic co-workers can have an impact on each of us individually, as well as on the group. From the protection perspective, we act under the Ashramic ‘umbrella’ and invoke that protection at all stages. This work is ever evolving and may be subject to change and refinement as we progress.

Twelves Protocol Process

There are seven steps in the process. In the past these stages were undertaken in a standing upright position, but this is not a requirement anymore. However, some workers choose to stand during the Vortex phase. The worker gets ready by meditating in a sitting position, with either legs crossed or with both feet on the ground. The process from start to finish will take about 1 hour.

Undertake the meditation as close as possible to the exact moment of the full or new moon or Festival times. If that is not possible then choose a time as close as possible to the exact moment within a twelve-hour window leading up to the precise time.

1. Entering Sacred Space

This requires individuals to be fully responsible and, apart from the obvious cautions about drugs, alcohol etc. being incompatible with the work, it is important for coworkers to be ready with intent. This means preparation of one’s being at least 3 days before a Twelve and adhering to right action in one’s daily meditations and invocations. A calm, focused mind is required for this work and, most important, setting aside all personal ‘stuff’ at the door. Be aware that the space you are entering is now a sacred space.

Assuming that the worker is now able to maintain a focus and is trained in the art of Triangles,emotionally and mentally still, has read and understood the Esoteric Apprentice (a requirement freely available from our website) and is clear that personal issues have to be set aside whilst undertaking this service activity, then the worker can move on to the next stage.

2. Standing in the Light and the Circle of Protection

Whenever group work is undertaken under the auspices of the Ashram, protection is invoked. So, in a larger group setting such as the Twelves Work, we can be assured of protection on the group and likewise for individuals.

It is helpful to visualize the whole group present and standing in the Light, with coworkers outlined and surrounded by light, rather than as a specific person, male or female etc.

When the time has come, ideally at the synchronized time (though this is not a strict requirement, as long as within a 12 hr window leading up to the stipulated time) visualise and connect with all Twelves members and with your Triangle co-workers, in anticipation of joining the larger group formation.

When occultly ready ‘step’ forward one pace to symbolise stepping into the group. When the connection between the group members feels firm, ‘hear’ all recite with you the Great Invocationfollowed by three OMs affirming that protection on all members, on the group, on the supporters and the work offered in service through the group in formation. See the circle of protective light expanding 10 meters (30 feet) or more beyond all.

3. Executing the Twelve Formation

Now visualise the first ‘North’ Triangle members ‘stepping’ forward one pace and ‘activating’ their triangle in readiness for the work ahead. The links between triangle members are not static but are ‘alive’. Now visualise the second ‘South’ triangle stepping into the space. Their triangle floats above the first triangle and then is lowered upon it. This process is then repeated by the third (‘East)’ Triangle and then the fourth (‘West’) Triangle thus completing the Twelve formation.

4 Triangles

Visualize your Triangle partners and all coworkers in the Twelve formation and feel the soul light and soul love weld you into a unity. When the formation is thus executed, ‘hear’ all reciting together with you The Great Invocation followed by three OMs.

When advancing in this work, the worker will definitely feel the stages of connection, which can be quite dramatic, occultly speaking, when the Triangles merge and the Twelve formation is being completed.

During this stage feel the group being energetically charged, as the anticipatory build-up of energy is reached by the group as a whole. This is the point when connection with the Ashram may be made. The anticipatory build-up of energy can be palpable and even, sometimes, seen.

This can impact your daily life. A sense of being energised, as occultly understood, may remain with you in unexpected ways and can be life changing. This has often been described as a magnet with one end representing self and the other the Ashram, once the link has been established. It ‘pulls’ the individual. No doubt many will have felt this in other esoteric activity, and it really intensifies with advanced group work in service to the race/the earth. Do not be alarmed! Hidden hands guide the group and its work.

4. Invoking the Vortex

Now the connection is made. Visualize your Triangle partners and all coworkers in the Twelve formation recite the Disciple’s Invocation3 followed by three OMs. Visualize the Vortex descending into the centre of the group. At this point some may sense other beings around the Twelves. Acknowledge their presence but do not engage with them. It is their task to work with the Vortex, to provide protection and assistance.

On every single occasion when a physical Twelve formation was undertaken a Great Deva attended at the mouth of the Vortex. If individuals sense or recognise this, they can appreciate this Presence, but they should stay focused on the work at hand, there is no need to invite it over for coffee. Please do not engage; but a silent ‘thank you’ is enough, as all serve in their specific roles to make this a success.

5. Radiating Out
Visualize as you repeat The Great Invocation, Light, Love and Power descending through the Vortex, down into the centre of the Twelve, into the NGWS, the Triangle Grid and out into the world.

While reciting The Great Invocation followed by three OMs, stay focussed on your Triangle and its seamless insertion into the Twelve formation as it acts as a channel/funnel through which Light, Love and Power descends and radiates out into the world. Hold this for 10-15 minutes.

6. Lifting and Dissolution

After approximately ten to fifteen minutes, visualize the Light slowly dissipating and lessening. See each Triangle now slowly and purposefully rising above the other three Triangles and dissolving beautifully, quietly and peacefully into the ether.

Give thanks to the angelic, devic and ashramic workers who made this work possible and for the opportunity to serve in this way. You might want to finish with reciting an Invocation of your choice, followed by three OMs.

7. Integration

Take time to integrate this experience afterwards to allow all bodies to readjust.

Living this Process

It is important to ‘live’ this process and keep focused on the reality of what we are all undertaking together. The keywords to integrate are:


The Initiate2) told that the Three Stages in the Twelves work would be Preparatory, Implementation and Revelatory. The first stage has been completed over a 20-year period, from 1980 to 2000. We are now in the Implementation stage, and disciples everywhere are being called to this service.

The year 2025 beckons and all must advance group work NOW. After 2025, a new teaching will emerge as the third part of the Ancient Wisdom outlined by HPB4) – AAB4) and others. That is not the task of this group. In Twelves, disciples have come together to advance and experiment with group synthesis and group action in a specific formation – a band of brothers and sisters. The Call has gone out and disciples have responded. Are you ready for the task at hand?

Summary of the Steps  – scroll down for the Twelves Protocol slideshow visual presentation

• Enter the Sacred Space, fully INTENT to serve – Leave all personality stuff outside;

• Standing in the Light – Take a standing position. Sense the presence of all co-workers  standing in radiant light, being of the Light.  Recite the Great Invocation followed by three OMs for protection of individuals, the group and on the work.. See and know the whole space in this protection.

• Work with FOCUS. Step forward. Sense and connect with your Triangle members. At the appropriate time see your Triangle floating above the other Triangles already in formation, then lower and insert it. Then see the next Triangle start their process. When all 4 triangles thus lowered and inserted into a Twelve formation, sense the build-up of energy by the group as a whole;

• Recite The Disciples Invocation followed by three OMs. Visualize the Vortex descending into the centre of the group and then enveloping it.. If sensing other beings, acknowledge them but do not engage. Their task is to protect and work with the Vortex; Hold that tension in full neutrality aware that it is the Ashram operating through the Twelves.

• DELIVER – Stay focussed on your Triangle and its seamless insertion into the Twelve formation. Recite the Great Invocation followed by three OMs as the Twelves acts as a funnel through which Light, Love and Power descends and radiates out into the world. Hold this for ten to fifteen minutes;

• After approximately ten to fifteen minutes, you will feel the Light dissipating and lessening. See each Triangle slowly and purposefully lift off the other Triangles, dissolving beautifully, quietly and peacefully into the ether;

• Take time to integrate this experience to allow our bodies to readjust.


 The Great Invocation
 From the point of Light within the Mind of God
 Let light stream forth into the minds of men.
 Let Light descend on Earth.
 From the point of Love within the Heart of God
 Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.
 May *Christ return to Earth.
 From the centre where the Will of God is known
 Let purpose guide the little wills of men
 The Purpose which the Masters know and serve.
 From the centre which we call the race of men
 Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
 And may it seal the door where evil dwells.
 Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.
 *Many religions believe in a coming World Teacher, knowing Him under such names as the Buddha Maitreya, the Imam Mahdi and the Messiah. These names are used in some of the Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim and Jewish versions of the Great Invocation. 

 The Disciple’s Invocation
 May the Flame of the One find the Crucible of your being
 May the Mighty One issue forth from on High
 May Love eternal and Love inclusive rule over all
 Let the Flame spin upon the Way
 Let the Light stand revealed
 Let the seeker become the Rose
 May the tide of illusion be turned
 May the Great Work be completed
 May the White Ones issue Their Ultimatum
 Let the Ultimatum be heard by those who have ears to hear
 Let them have insight and knowledge that they may understand
 Let them choose aright and with free will
 And in so choosing let Peace come to Earth 

Twelves Protocol Slide-show

1)Most will be well versed in how a Triangle works and establish good relations with their two coworkers. For those new to Triangles please follow the link given at

2) The Disciples Invocation has been given in 1982 to the world by the Initiate

3) The Initiate is the Lighted Being who inspired the original Twelves process.

4)Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (HPB) was the prime founder of the modern Theosophical Movement.

4)Alice Ann Bailey (AAB) is the main founder of Lucis Trust, the Arcane School, the Beacon.