Twelves Protocol Summary

Twelves Protocol

1 Enter sacred space

2 ‘Step’ forward one pace.  Feel the group. ‘Hear’ all recite with you the Great Invocation

three OMs (affirming that protection on all members, on the group, on the supporters. See the circle of protective light expanding 10 meters (30 feet) or more beyond all.)

3 Visualise ‘North’ Triangle members ‘stepping’ forward one pace and ‘activating’ their triangle, links alive.

Visualise ‘South’ triangle stepping into the space. Their triangle floats above the first triangle and then is lowered upon it. (‘East’ and then ‘West’ the same)

Visualize your Triangle partners and all coworkers in the Twelve formation. Feel the soul light and soul love weld you into a unity. ‘Hear’ all reciting together with you The Great Invocation followed by three OMs.

4. Invoking the Vortex: Recite the Disciple’s Invocationfollowed by three OMs. Visualize the Vortex descending into the centre of the group.

5. Radiating Out

Visualize as you repeat The Great Invocation, Light, Love and Power descending through the Vortex, down into the centre of the Twelve, into the NGWS, the Triangle Grid and out into the world.

While reciting The Great Invocation followed by three OMs, stay focussed on your Triangle and its seamless insertion into the Twelve formation as it acts as a channel/funnel through which Light, Love and Power descends and radiates out into the world. Hold this for 10-15 minutes.

6. Lifting and Dissolution

Visualize the Light slowly dissipating and lessening. See each Triangle now slowly and purposefully rising above the other three Triangles and dissolving beautifully, quietly and peacefully into the ether.

Give thanks to the angelic, devic and ashramic workers who made this work possible and for the opportunity to serve in this way. You might want to finish with reciting an Invocation of your choice, followed by three OMs.

7. Integration

Take time to integrate this experience afterwards to allow all bodies to readjust.

Here’s a slide show that provides a visual description of the process: