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Before our work can really be effective, we need to come together as an aligned collective, a real group. To this end we created modules consisting of short articles and exercises which will transform a collective of individuals into a group in preparation for enhanced hierarchical work.

We have come together and joined Twelves. We have trained in Triangles and then as Twelves. Before our work can really be effective, we need to come together as an aligned collective, a real group. To this end we ask that each member dedicates ten minutes, morning and/or evening, to the following visualisation and intent, and to do so with the greatest regularity. Endeavour to hold this visualisation throughout the day. We can visualise this reflective alignment of our personality with our soul light several times a day, while driving, standing in a queue or relaxing in the bath. However,  this should be carried out with a fully awakened consciousness and focussed attention. Keep the process uncomplicated and follow the instructions with the simplicity of a child. The results are potent and effective and will lay firm foundations for group work:

Process: All the chakras have one vital point of energy except for the solar plexus which has two. One point of the solar plexus chakra is active while one is waiting to be brought into conscious activity by the soul. Within a group context and service activity this needs to happen. The following visualisation brings this about and lifts the energy from the solar plexus (the Manipura chakra which is located above the naval area) upwards to the heart centre (Anahata chakra located between the shoulder blades) and from there via the Ajna chakra (located between the eyebrows) to the crown centre (the Anakata chakra, also called the thousand-petalled lotus above the head).

The separate stages

1. Feel the alignment of soul and personality, the alignment between the solar plexus via the heart to the crown centre.  Feel this as a yearning for liberation and the wish to serve humanity. Feel this by means of directed, controlled aspiration, emotionally propelled.

2. We mentally acknowledge and know this living link between solar plexus, heart and head in order to bring its fruits in action and alignment. This is a mental process serving to promote deep-seated knowing.

3. We now blend our controlled aspiration and this deep-seated knowing into our heart centre, and recognise this dynamic concentrated thought energy irradiating from between the shoulder blades.

4. Through imagination we withdraw the aspiration and knowingness from the heart centre and consciously focus it into the centre above the head. We recognise these withdrawal stages and while holding the focus in the crown centre, sound the Sacred OM very softly three times, breathing out towards a. The Soul b. The Hierarchy   c. Humanity.   These three centres are reflected in our own centres and when awakened and activated constitute a triangle of force.

5.Recite with heartfelt intent the Mantram of Unification (

We also ask that for the next two months, at the time of the Full Moon, as part of a Twelve or of a daily Triangle: stand in that light which streams ever from the Hierarchy, let light stream forth through the crown of the head to the heart centre, and then from there direct it by an act of focussed will, expressed and propelled forth continuously, to the point of dim light within the solar plexus. Then, withdrawing again to the crown centre, endeavour consciously to see the three centres (head, heart and solar plexus) linked together. The group will think as one, love as one and the aspiration (through the spiritual awakening of the solar plexus) will then surge upwards as one spontaneous movement.

(All the above taken from A.A.Bailey, Discipleship in the New Age Vol 2, pages 113 to 119)

The building of light requires exact foundations. The coming months and years require from Twelves dedication, bravery and discipline. Are we ready?

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