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Triangles in Preparation for Twelves



When you are allocated to a Triangle in preparation for our work in Twelve Formation you will be operating at three levels:

1/ Participating in the Triangles work as elucidated by DK in the books of Alice A. Bailey

2/ Preparing for your work in Twelves Formation

3/ Linking with those who have chosen to align with this particular expansive work

It is unnecessary to repeat all that has been written, principally by the Lucis Trust, concerning Triangle work as the vast majority of coworkers will be very familiar with the process and be in active Triangles already. If you are not familiar please go to this link for further information.

Triangles have been the greatest expression of service, in group formation, that our world has ever seen and has literally ‘saved the world’. It was always the Hierarchy’s intention to expand that work Not replace it. Triangles will always be the very backbone of group esoteric work and there is no intention to replace or downgrade it. Twelves work is expansive and supplementary and simply utilises four Triangles as one unit as a reflection of Cosmos and in preparation of the New Jerusalem.

Coworkers can carry on with their other esoteric commitments without disturbance and we have participants from many different backgrounds and almost all are engaged in other spiritual activity. Twelves work does not preclude any of this but does ask for focus ‘At The Time’ of the Twelve Formation.


Linking with your allocated coworkers takes mental focus and visualisation of the link that is real upon the inner planes.

Once you have set aside your normal daily activity and found that quiet, still place within yourself link and create that line of light that links you with your two coworkers. This can be done in ‘real-time’ (coordinating taking into account time zones etc.) or by distant linkage. Please respect that your two coworkers are with you in this activity and commit to undertake this daily.

Once the link is made repeat The Great Invocation (original version) with intent and purpose visualising the link made solid.

Once this has been achieved visualise the greater network of light around the world. Now turn the attention of the Triangle towards the work of Twelves. Link with those brothers and sisters who are undertaking their preparation for the Twelves work with you and your Triangle of Light.

As you know, Triangles are greater than the sum of their parts and as a Unit of Service is exponentially much more powerful than three people individually and, of course, Twelves is even more so and twelve, as we know, is the ‘perfect’ number of Cosmos reflecting mankind’s life under the great astrological forces and more besides.

Linking with Twelves

By purposeful and focused linking with the ‘concept’ of the Twelve Formation we breathe life, energy and focus into the Vortex that is being co-created on the inner planes. Link then with the worldwide work on both inner and outer planes knowing that the time is near when you will take your Triangle into the Heart of the Twelve Formation.

You might find, as many of us do, that your thoughts will garner more energy and turn towards this work with greater frequency. This is perfectly normal when undertaking ashramic work, dream life becomes more vivid, the intuition awakens more and your life is never quite the ‘same’. Embrace it!

You might decide, as a Triangle, to use the Great Invocation (original version) more than once during your daily work together, please do so.

Your Triangle, your Unit of Service, will be prepared by you through this work and by the ashram on the inner plane. Think you not that you are alone.

Normally this work takes around 15 minutes daily but this is not set.

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