Triangles as per DK


Today, the fact that energy is the basic substance in the universe, that all forms of life are energy forms, living within greater energy forms, and that all such forms—great or small—use energy and act as distributors of energy is a well-known and generally accepted fact by thinking and intelligent people. Speech, the written word, and motivated activity are all expressions of energy, lead to the spread of energy and to activities which are all expressions of energy and the cause of energy distribution. Governments, churches, organisations and groups are all energy distributors, and also storehouses of energy. Humanity itself is a great centre of energy, affecting all the subhuman kingdoms, and forming likewise within itself a great system of inter-related energies. The same thing is true of the individual who, by his acts and words, employs energy, produces effects which are energy effects and acts as a distributor of energy.

As evolution proceeds, and individual men and women achieve power and expression, their use of energy is frequently of major importance; they become dynamic centres of energy distribution and their words (spoken or written), plus their activities, produce wide effects and momentous results.

In connection with the Hierarchy, the central Triangle is composed of the Manu, representing loving intelligent life, the Christ, representing loving intelligent consciousness, and the Mahachohan, representing loving intelligent activity, and therefore between Them representing every phase of group livingness, group expression and group action; these qualities focus through the Mahachohan, primarily because He is the Lord of Civilisation and the civilisations of humanity represent progressive growth and unfoldment. (paragraphs  taken from Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle by AAB)

Humanity’s unfoldment proceeds according to a precise blueprint and reflects the fact that “as above so below” is an ever-evolving reality on the many dimensions of being. When people engage in Triangle work, each person and each Triangle will attract energy according to their ability to be a radiating centre upon themselves. The fact that there are experienced and evolved disciples as well as those just beginning their journey, makes such a Network precious for the stepping down of energies on to the earthly planes. Each person is a precious link, and each serves a purpose in the stepping down of energies so needed at this time.

The Evolving Network of Triangles

It might be useful to again be reminded of the words of DK in the following paragraphs taken from Rays and the Initiations – T7R /Vol 5  anent the evolution of the Triangle work.

The Triangles composing today’s Network of Light have enabled a new point of tension being created between Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity.—in connection with:

1. The Point at the Centre.

2. Related Energies.

3. Sphere of Radiation.

4. The Triangle of Energy.

This statement involves a somewhat new concept; as it creates a basic relation, making possible a direct connection.

Furthermore, during the period of crisis through which Christ and the Hierarchy passed and which  was ended by His announced decision, certain great Energies, or fundamental streams of force were made available to Christ and His disciples. (paragraphs  taken from Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle by AAB)

New Type of Triangles

The two types of triangles now being created by a mere handful of people are related to that basic triangle.  A third type of triangle will at some much later date be constructed but only when these two earlier types are well established in the consciousness of humanity.  Then the activity of all the three Buddhas will be involved and present, and a major planetary integration will take place.  This is symbolised in man when the three centres in the head (the ajna centre, the brahmarandra centre, and the alta major centre) are all functioning and unshakably related, thereby constituting a triangle of light within the head.

From the triangles now being created and those later to be assembled, the Buddhas of Activity will extract that essential quality (at present very rarely to be found) which will go to the building of this aspect of the planetary antahkarana.

The triangles of light and of goodwill are essentially invocative.  They constitute the a.b.c. of the coming Science of Invocation.  Their strength is dependent upon the depth of feeling in the one case, and the strength of the will in the other, with which they are created. 

I have here given those disciples who are launching this new project which is so close to my heart a new and useful hint.  This work must go on.  It is because the entire concept is so new and different to anything hitherto projected that it seems so impossible of achievement; the triangles project has its incentive in such highly esoteric sources that some disciples regard the work as exceedingly difficult and thus complicate, by their thinking, its essential simplicity; others regard it as the simplest thing in the world, and by an emphasis upon the exoteric and the organisational angle, they again hinder the true type of triangle being created.  Disciples need to be aware of the true proposed plan and find ways to make clear the middle position between the difficulties brought forward and the simplicities which distort.


Initial Steps

in a Deeply Esoteric Entreprise

Perhaps I may help to clarify somewhat the minds responsible for the initial steps in this deeply esoteric enterprise.  It is different to the intellectual and practical work which the men and women of goodwill are asked to do and will do; it is not what some earnest people regard as goodwill work or a phase of the goodwill work.  The forming of triangles of light and of goodwill concerns the reservoir of energy upon the inner and etheric side of life which will automatically and with full circulatory effect enable the exoteric work of the men and women of goodwill to make progress.  It is not goodwill per se, but the creation of triangles of energy within the etheric body of the planet which [Page 275] are deliberately qualified by goodwill. 

The two phases of the work are necessarily complementary to each other but must not be regarded as one.  The triangles of light must be qualified by or become the agents of goodwill, and the two groups are closely interrelated.  The men and women of goodwill need know nothing of these triangles unless it is deemed wise and they are individually advanced enough to react correctly, but their work along the lines of goodwill will be successful or non-successful (I speak from the long-range view) according to the intensity of purpose and the depth of love demonstrated by the two groups of triangle members.

Those responsible for the creative work upon the outer field must begin with the esoteric work.  I am writing here for disciples, some of whom are members of my Ashram, and for the New Group of World Servers; these are responsible for carrying forward the work as planned.  The two groups of triangles already formed are in reality building a thoughtform anent this work which will evoke response from the true builders.

It will be apparent to you, therefore, that this creative work, with its intelligent and practical purposes and its ability when rightly functioning to unite the exoteric and the esoteric workers in one spiritual undertaking, originates in reality in Shamballa itself and was grasped, – as to intent and purpose – by Masters upon the first and second rays, though primarily the second ray disciple and Master understood it the most easily.  Later, when steady and systematic work has been done, and the idea is familiar to the public, this activity will form an important part of the new world religion and be better understood; it will have its own inner group who will work entirely subjectively, building the triangles of light and of goodwill, and then will work objectively, directing the activities of those who are building the organisational aspect of triangles of practical goodwill on Earth with an effective subsidiary activity.

That time is not yet.  Today we have the creation of a general thoughtform or the germinating of the seed of an idea [Page 276].  Later, when the true outer work begins, its potency will be objectively demonstrated because the Buddhas of Activity will gradually become aware of the existence of the thoughtform in its nature of light and its quality of goodwill.  They will then pour of Their life into it as need arises and emergency decrees.  Then gradually “the will of God will hold sway,” as our injunction expresses it.  Paralleling all this will be the work of the men and women of goodwill throughout the world, but in itself entirely objective—worldwide and amazingly useful. (all the above paragraphs are taken from Rays and the Initiations – T7R /Vol 5)

Triangles and Twelves

A New Initiative

Over forty years ago a group of experienced meditators and men and women of goodwill have come together to initiate a new way of working with Triangles by ‘assembling’ four Triangles into a ‘Twelve Formation.’ Twelve people thus ‘held the funnel’ through which the Hierarchy could pour forth a powerful stream of energy into the world and into humanity.

The initial phase of the work was often done on the physical plane and now, forty years later, the etheric pattern of this work is strong and powerful enough to allow Distant Twelves to continue what was started in the 1980s, though the work of the physical Twelves continues.

It must here be clarified that there are many groups that work in a variety of ways with Triangles, some with two Triangles (six people) others with three Triangles (nine people), it matters not as all have a role to play during these critical times and all are needed for the externalisation process. Each group sounds its specific note and offers itself and is being used to bring about the Plan for the betterment of the race and this planet. All are needed, and all can choose through which avenue to fulfill their deepest aspirations.

If you think and feel that, after browsing through this website, that you want to join a Triangle and then integrate a Twelve, then do get in touch.