The Supporters Role

When you first join us in Twelves it is highly likely that there will be a short delay in, firstly, allocating you a triangle partnership, and secondly slightly longer, to find you a harbour in a Twelve Formation. As you can imagine it takes time to populate Twelves with dedicated and committed coworkers. However, we will do this as swiftly as we possibly can, and in the meantime, you can fully participate in a supporter role which is still as a full member of the group, albeit not in group formation.

Being  a Supporter also has benefits whilst you learn of the processes of our group and begin to integrate into the group purpose. Being a Supporter is not a passive role,  far from it, you will be fully encompassed within the group ring-pass-not and will recite The Great Invocation (TGI) and The Disciples Invocation (TDI) and sound the Oms at the same time as the formation or when informed to do so by the Coordinator.

We ask everybody to commit to both session and for the full time.

Start out, whilst preparing yourself in the sitting position, seeing everybody the light, then together with the Twelve formation recite TGI followed by three Oms to invoke protection on all taking part.  

You may already have read that this meditation is done in the standing position and we would ask Supporters to now step-into the circle of protection that extends for at least 30 feet / 10 meters behind the formation.  Visualise yourself standing at least t 10 feet  / 3 meters behind the Twelves formation. You stay focussed and with invocative intent whist visualising the Triangles getting into the Twelve formation.

When ready,  and prompted by the Coordinator, recite TDI for group unity and purpose and by visualising the vortex pouring into the centre of the Twelves.  At this point some might like  to raise both hands in blessing.

Let the Flame spin upon the Way

While repeating together with the Formation the TGI followed by 3 Oms visualise lighted energy pouring out through the Twelve formation and out into the world, through the Triangle Grid, protecting, nurturing, and healing. Hold this focus for 10-15 minutes.

Let the Light stand revealed

After this step back out of the group ring-pass-not. You may use TDI or another mantra that you feel particularly connected to close your session. We do ask, though, that you undertake the invocations as outlined during the session.

The Supporters Role is a crucial part of our group life and not to be viewed, in any way, as secondary but more as a preparatory and participatory role aiding your fellow group members. The day will follow, sooner than you probably think, when you, too, will stand in formation and others will be supporting YOU.

Whatever our role, we should seek humility, love, and service. Everyone in the group is as important as their coworker and we move forward with inclusiveness as we seek to build the Temple of Light.

To acquaint yourself more thoroughly with the BG initiative, you can find the Burning Twelve Protocol and Burning Ground Commentaries on our website under the Twelves Practice Menu.

If you are interested, have already  become a member of the Twelves group, have been allocated a Triangle, then please get in touch with your contact person to sign up for both the preliminary training session  on December 14 and the session of December 21st. Both  sessions will be at least 1 hour long and will take place on 9am Bangkok time, eg 2a.m. GMT and 3a.m. CET.

Nearer the time, you will be given a Zoom link. Make sure you have all set-up well before the stipulated time, and while you have the audio and video activated make sure your microphone and video are on mute, e.g. that you can see and hear everything but that you can not be seen nor heard as the focus is on the Formation and the work at hand.

We ask everybody to commit to both session and for the full time