Esoteric Apprentice

The Esoteric Apprentice by Steven Chernikeeff is essential reading for those wishing to participate in Twelves.

The Esoteric Apprentice is a short memoir of the Twelves Group the author formed in the 1980s and continued for two decades. Women and men came together to form a collective vehicle to act as a conduit for spiritual energy. The inner meditative work members committed themselves to daily and weekly and monthly precipitated various consequences and many rewards.

Building on the Triangles daily meditation practiced by women and men of goodwill as outlined by Djwhal Khul through Alice Bailey, the Twelves group experiment was a rare example of advanced group esoteric work.

There are three phases to the work and we are now initiating the second. 

Esoteric Apprentice is an important guide offering an explanation of  the Twelves group work, and the motives and ideas behind it.

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