Permanent Twelves Commitment Guidelines

Participation in the Twelves service work occurs in stages. After meeting the initial requirements – having undergone training in meditation and read the Esoteric Apprentice by Steven Chernikeeff, founder of Twelves – new members join the main group and participate in The Ashram Meditation, do the Group Alignment meditation and join in group discussions. When ready, new members are invited to join Distant Twelves. Distant Twelves members link in groups of three – triangles – and undertake the Triangle meditation daily. Members are then invited to from temporary twelve formations for Full Moon and New Moon meditations.

An opportunity for greater dedication to Twelves service work is available by joining a Permanent Twelve or “PT.” Out of the general pool of Distant Twelves members, new Permanent Twelves are formed of twelve individuals willing to commit to a minimum of one year of Twelves work as outlined below.

The Permanent Twelves Commitment

Once a Twelves member forms part of a Permanent Twelve, a PT, a greater dedication to Twelves service work is encouraged. This helps strengthen the PT and advances the service work of the Twelves group. The keynote of a PT is to serve at maximum output.  The daily and monthly rhythms established in a long-term Triangle and Twelve aid in strengthening the PT and advance the service work of the Twelves group.  Each PT is free to determine their own level of service.

1 Each Permanent Twelve is made up of four triangles of three members. In your Permanent Twelve triangle, the Triangle meditation is to be practiced daily (with the option of bundling various other Triangles you may be a part of into a single, multi-layered meditation).

2 We welcome continuous engagement to sustain our conscious inner link with our work and the Ashram. It is for this reason that we encourage monthly Full Moon and New Moon participation using the Twelves Protocol. For those doing so regularly, we appreciate a year’s commitment as this helps the organisational part in setting up permanent FM and NM triangles. Thank you. Both meditations are completed at your convenience within a 12 hour window of culmination.

3 Burning Ground Twelves monthly meditation is optional at this stage. All those in a PT are invited and encouraged to participate in Burning Ground Twelves (once they have already participated in a number of Twelves meditations).

4 The Ashram Meditation is optional and does not involve the triangle formation. All are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Participation in all Twelves activities is encouraged.