On The Disciples Invocation

Message from The Initiate

My brothers, the invocation that has been vouchsafed to you is a translation of an old text which has been used by my Ashram frequently for many centuries. I ask that you memorise it and use it frequently for it is a potent tool in your work and it has certain properties. I shall hint at a few points that may aid you in recognising its value.

There are thirteen lines, each line can be placed at a point on the mandala that I have shown you, the thirteenth, like Christ and His twelve disciples, can be placed in the middle, as is the sun to the planets.

Think carefully upon the above and over the coming years you will ascertain intuitively the true meaning. Suffice to say:

The Rose has twelve petals, the Flame is Pure, the One beckons, the Ultimatum is set

Please find simple to understand explanations of the various lines of the Disciples Invocation that has been entrusted to you.

May the Flame of the One find the crucible of your being

As we journey through this ashramic Invocation I would ask that you use your intuitive faculties as best you may for much of what I have to say is addressed to those realms.

The first line, as is apparent, consists of a recognition that before our journey begins, we must alight the flame that is a part of the One in our innermost being, and so the invocator cries aloud that from that mountain most high a flash of light may be seen to issue out and find and inspire that part of man which we call his being or that which IS. We cry aloud that a small part of Him may be stirred in all aspirants, that it may be flamed and nurtured into the LIVING FLAME.

And so, we venture into the test of material life and so prove ourselves to become in truth Sons and Daughters of God in the crucible of our being. This line represents primordial fire, that spring from which life is created and moulded. It is a call to the innermost of each to BECOME and so begin their quest for the Grail.

There is a law of this world cycle that the head of the spiritual Hierarchy of this planet, the Christ, must re-emerge into the world of men. This event, that He may have a tangible presence, is being worked for and towards by all hierarchical workers. This line:

May the Mighty One issue forth from on High

is the invocators recognition of this fact and his welcoming of the Christ Presence into his life and his worlds – the world of men. As we say this line with intent let us picture the Christ Light radiating from the mountain out into the peoples of the world. Let us not forget that we create the conditions for His return. Now we come to the line that finishes the first stanza off:

May Love eternal and Love inclusive rule over all

These words express what the coming of Christ represents for humanity. His keynote is LOVE and His message INCLUSIVENESS, that inclusiveness that holds no barriers and encompasses all. This stanza sets the tone for the Invocation, it recognises three important facts:

  1. That we all have within us a part of the One which awaits the call home;
  2. That Christ shall re-emerge and shall descend from on High;
  3. That Love is eternal and barrierless and that the invocator recognises that inclusiveness must rule over all for the Plan to work out.

Therefore, this first stanza is introductory and assumes the three facts above. A point of tension should be held in between each stanza. Stanzas 1 and 3 are inward and upward, stanzas 2 and 4 are downward and outward as in the breath. The last line is bringing to conclusion the ‘work’ of the invocation and symbolically of the present cycle.

As we begin to explain this second stanza, we should realise that it has a reflective quality, the first stanza is a request to the source of all life that man may recognise and understand the three basic facts above. Now the invocator has set the tone, he has offered his request and it has gone forward with power. Now let the invocator ‘bring down’ and ‘send forth’ on a ray of light the response:

Let the Flame spin upon the Way

This refers to the monadic state, and although this line cannot be fully comprehended till after the third initiation, I shall try to explain in a simple manner for I do not wish to unnecessarily complicate things. The invocation refers to the destroyer aspect which burns away the dross of illusion and transmutes it in its action. The way is both symbolically the spiritual pathway and correspondingly the way to the head centre. This brings us automatically to the line:

Let the Light stand revealed

and of course, the light of the Soul can only reveal itself when the dross has been shattered by the Flame. The invocator now commands:

Let the seeker become the Rose

The Rose is an ancient symbol often referred to as ‘The Rose upon the Cross’. The Rose is symbolic of the heart centre wherein realisation is found. The Christ again is found here as the symbol of the Heart.

The heart of humanity is at the moment shielded from the light by illusion. Instead of revealing Christ’s glory to his fellow beings, man has held in his midst but a low reflection, that of sentiment. Christ’s Light no longer beamd out into the world of men, yet it slumbers awaiting that great day when the veils fall. On its own level only can it now shine, however, amass your cries let it peal forth:

May the tide of illusion be turned

Man must conquer his emotions and begin to emerge into the light of his Soul. By clear thinking, responsible men and women may turn the tide by allowing the Soul to be the master. All may be a party to the push that is now taking place both on the inner and outer planes. The great transmutative work must proceed:

May the Great Work be completed

Man must blend his lower self into the higher, thus transmuting base passions into higher attributes. This is the Great Work, the path to the thousand petaled lotus. Man must synthesise his being becoming a Son of God and thus fulfilling his eventual destiny. The time has come, friends when the choice has to be made:

May the White Ones issue Their Ultimatum

The choice of humanity is a response to the hierarchical output now taking place. This line indicates that the invocator recognises this fact and that he consciously says and accepts that the time has come for Externalisation and the re-emergence of Christ’s Cosmic Principles and he welcomes this in intoning this line with meaning and power. All of humanity may participate in these events, individuals must choose between the dictates of the Soul and the forces of materialism. We may cross the ‘ divide’ or we will have to wait for another opportunity:

Let the Ultimatum be heard by those who have ears to hear

Let each listen for the note in his own way but there is only one conclusion to be reached – the moment of crisis has emerged whereon the Hierarchy shall emerge triumphant:

Let them have insight and knowledge that they may understand

To each in his own way will be given the insight and knowledge, no one will be missed. When the Mighty One returns each shall see and hear and each shall accept or reject, this is the Law:

Let them choose aright and with free will

The invocator intones this line that all may make the right inner choice, the choice of their Soul which ever strives for the light. Let the invocator solemnly speak these words in the hope that few may turn aside from the light and enter the dark pathway. Free will must and will be retained by all, none may claim other than this:

And in so choosing let Peace come to Earth

Let this end line be said in a manner that resembles a ‘striking forth’, let it go forward into the world to work for peace. Mankind must make changes for himself, he must prepare the way. The conditions are set, information can be circulated around the world in little or no time, an action in one country far away is common knowledge a little while late, man has the tools to recreate hi world.

The Christ awaits and is preparing for His re-emergence, this point shall be achieved and is being achieved right now, even as I talk to you today, my Brothers are active.

You who will read these words are entrusted with the task of using this Invocation in conjunction with, and peripheral to, the Invocation* that you have been given some time ago. These instructions are of a very simple nature and are designed to be of use to the genera interested public. Those amongst you who are trained esotericists shall no doubt see beyond my simple words and shall find, with study, the deeper significance.

This invocation is especially potent at this time in rallying the forces of good to the aid of a struggling humanity. It is used frequently by those who constitute the Second Ray Ashram, each Ray having an Invocation which when said in a combined manner affects certain results which facilitate an easing of tension and an accentuating of spiritual values.

The invocation that is called the Great Invocation contains tones of combined Ray invocations and should still be the main tool and is used as such (in a different scale) by us. The invocation that we have given to aid workers in the externalisation process is a translation only which changes on different levels, a hint is given here.

Let the student keep foremost in his mind these four things:

  1. Christ shall return
  2. The Soul must be Master
  3. Illusion must be pierced
  4. The choice must be made

Let none be fearful, no man good and true need fear the Ultimatum for it is a crisis of the Soul. All who are sincere, although they may not realise at this time the facts here written, shall be ‘saved’ and borne up into the arms of the Lord. The Christ awaits, shall we not hasten His coming? This great event shall become actual to your everyday eyes and ears, this wonderful opportunity awaits all men. Take up then the challenge for the time is set, although no man shall know the hour nor the day, His coming is certain.