Gallery of first Twelves group

Twelves had its genesis in 1981, on New Year’s Eve, at the exact moment of midnight, when Steven, the founder of Twelves, received his first spiritual communication instructing him to “find the point within the Triangle Divine.”  Steven was meditating with his close friend, Robert Adams, around this time. The two continued their weekly meditations and received further instructions. Unsure what to do they continued their weekly meditations and more information was forthcoming. This was totally unexpected and later The Initiate (in his Chinese body) would visit them in London.

These instructions culminated in the formation of Groups of Twelve, who would come together as an experiment to act as a conduit for Hierarchical ashramic energy. Twelves would expand on the Triangles meditation work performed daily in groups of three by those committed to building a spiritual bridge for humanity along the lines given by Alice A. Bailey in her books with Djwhal Khul.

The Twelves experiment came to be known as the “Twelves Group”, as this was a reflection of the group’s purpose, which involved direct spiritual contact and distribution of spiritual energies for specific purposes.

Members were slowly attracted to the group. Dr Peter Maslin, a medical Doctor and serious student of DK, soon joined, as did many others. Before long, the Twelves Group became global with around two hundred members. Newsletters, booklets and leaflets were produced. The group was financed by donations.

Here are some photos from that time:

Robert and Peter