Temple of Light

Twelves must be likened to a Temple of Light with an outer and inner court.

The following text is from The Initiate and forms the cornerstone of Twelves. The text can be found an downloaded in Discourses by The Initiate

Our Call

The moment of capture, in My disciple’s eye of that glancing light as it is in Our domain, that is the moment of awakening to Our Call. The journey from those centers of Being is long and arduous, for Us, and the earth beckons still. That light descending filters through Our centers, through the layers of being, to the centers of earth. 

Hear Our Call to come to the Wheel and become part of that journey of light. Hear Our Sound so that your apparatus becomes a channel clearer still for Our vibrations. It is in this knowledge, in this understanding that is found the Pearl – search then your structures for My Presence for I stand at the Gate of the Temple of Light beckoning you further still for this light to descend. To mix and integrate Our higher vibrations with the coarser matter requires stillness and perseverance.

Tending to the bodily structures is essential in the transference of patterns of light from Our Chalice. Much work has been achieved on Our side to bring this Ray of Light into manifestation and you, in your turn, have trodden this path to become interpreters of light. From its source of solar manifestation this lighted way seeks an easy conduit, a conduit made up of discipleship matter to facilitate the flow of energy through to the last staging post. This solar connection must be understood, for it is the source of Our Life.

Harken to the Note! Dear friends in the work, you are part of that journey of light, a span of the bridge which emanates from the far reaches of our solar system within the body of a great and wondrous being, stepped down in ever coarser (if I may use such a term) limitations to reach those centres and places on earth. This line of intent, from the spark to the flame, is a living Bridge of Light whereupon our Master may cross. This absolute activity requires each of us to dedicated activity and response to the clarion call. From the crown to the root, from the solar to the earth and from the divine to the mundane flows everlasting life.

Twelves must be likened to a Temple of Light with an outer and inner court, a sanctum, and a corridor of light encircling. To enter requires dedication, bravery, and discipline for the building of light requires exact foundations if it is to be of use to Us. The transmission of lighted force through the upper triad and the sturdy disposition of the lower quaternary is essential for the manifestation of the lighted way. The disciple will be less disturbed if the inner and outer manifestation in form is attended to exactly if due preparations are made.

From Our Centre, light can then be manifested, and a conduit achieved which will allow the temple’s structure to become resilient and receptive to the energies which We will send and manifest. This structure of light shall utilise each disciples’ centers (according to their propensity) and in summation shall multiply the energy for connection to earth’s centres. This combination of lighted way, from higher to lower, acts like a beacon on inner planes for added impulse and work. It is seen from afar and attended to by beings of light who are drawn to utilise and aid Us at this time.

This united and concerted effort then unleashes a final, from Our point of view because it descends into matter and its kingdoms, Rays of energy through a manifested group of trained disciples rather than through more diverse structures as has heretofore been the case. That work, of course, will be increased and Our work through the great centres of human endeavour; politics, medicine, sciences, psychology, the arts, charitable endeavours of various hues, religious institutions (a work of reconstruction and focus) and with all people who work with the energy of Goodwill and are responsive, if only slightly, to Our Rays but who have, definitely, a response to their souls beating and unfolding. 

Our work continues on all planes and with all manifestations to raise the vibrational and transmissional activity preceding the Return. The process of this group work is twelvefold in differentiation and can be likened to the seasons, each season broken down and differentiated by three phases:

The Approach

Dear workers in the light the first of these is preparation, the essential prerequisite of our work together. Preparing the light body three months before the formation of a Twelve is essential work well done. When the soul has made its decision to work in this way, an initial stream of light connects the worker with the Ashramic hub, and information, and preparatory energy is on hand. It is possible, of course, for less time to be utilised but three things will occur: the first is the worker will be useful but less congruent, the second is the worker will have less initial Ashramic energy, and the third is the withdrawal will be more abrupt.

The second of these is congruence. This phase, if I may so use it, energetically entwines the Ashramic energies with the light body of the worker in such a way as to make the facilitation of energy that much easier. One month before a formation a blending will have taken place, on subtle levels, not always consciously realised, and deep movement and realignment is possible. This phase, I counsel, is the most important for the individual worker to be the most effective he can be to Us. In this time may We impart energetic information to workers which relates to their linkage to the Ashram, this information will sometimes surface, if I may use this phrase, at this stage or later, it matters not, but the information is given.

The third of these is assimilation into the group formation. The worker having aligned, connected, and blended with the particular Ashramic linkage that they individually have with Us, steps forward for the work ahead. This should be undertaken in a quiet way with focused contemplation and linkage. It is before this phase that We are with you and at this stage that Our workers come together for Ashramic group work. 

The worker no longer is an individual working with others but an essential component in the formation of light that approaches Us in service. This connection is greater than any individual sum or any individuals working in cooperation, great though that work is to Us, but a critical combination of energetic force which is greatly useful to Us on a conduit of light, focused and powerful, redeeming and loving.

The Awakening

Brothers, the first of these is connection; both horizontal and vertical connection of individual centers into a mass center formed at the periphery of the Ashram. This focus of energy, talismanic in effect, magnetically aligns the Ashramic pull with a line of intent. The individuals’ centers have, temporarily, become a vehicle for the formation’s combined focus and, more importantly, for Us to weld the formation into a united Temple of Light. The connection of the stream of energy creates, firstly a web of light, secondly an encirclement of light and thirdly a channel of light – mark these words well. 

Radiating pulses are used for protective purposes by Ashramic workers to secure the light field, this is why such potent group work should always be under Ashramic guidance and sponsorship; with this group’s case warranting a special focus from Us to further substantiate the group’s effect on the inner planes. A great experiment in group potency arising from a long line of intent, woven with care and with cosmic timing.

The second of these is application of sources of energy and power to provide linkage with the three main centers; Shamballa, Hierarchy and Humanity, to be the grounding station, the last in a very long line of light promotion down a line of intent, and so the gateway opens, and the Star shines forth. 

To apply esoteric principles, I talk not of books here, to daily life and to summate this in conscious awareness and application to the discipleship group task is a service to Us indeed. Application, then, of lines of power, sequentially laid one to the other, brings about a force-field of upward, energetic expression leading to the third aspect.

The third of these is response, the disciples’ invocative call is heard most high and a response is threefold; the first is in the previous phase where beings of light are sent by Us to protect and prepare both individuals and the group whole for the work of vortex. The second is of response from Ashramic workers who are trained especially for this group work and who are adept at utilising energy fields and centers of individuals who bring with them a complexity and require trained attention by Ashramic workers who help weld them into a group dynamic. The third is of planetary and solar response and the stepping-down process of energy transmission. This work is not of group-directed power but of committed interaction and conscious cooperation between the Brotherhood and its members on earth, keep this in mind at all times and enclose it within your hearts.

The Outpouring

My Workers in the Light, the first of these is integration; that blending with the Rays of Energy which brings about a synergistic process, a blending with Ashramic Hierarchical force which strengthens the vessel of light to receive Our septenary Rays of Downpouring and the integrative nature of the formation creates a light-swell of force which permeates the group existence and reinforces the web of light. This process enables Us to reach the earth with an intensity of love, light and power heretofore unknown. Now My workers are refined in their integrative working with the group structure and the vehicular nature of this entwining and convexing of the funnel to receive Our power.

The second of these is communion with these lighted beings as they pour forth Their Rays into and through the structured Temple of Light. This is the next phase so oft talked about to appear at the end of this century and to go forth as a divine science of light into the next. As understanding of interpretation hastens a lighted way shall be precipitated. Communion is a summation of the other stages and a culmination of individual, group and extra-group forces which now channel Hierarchical energy through various structures on Our side to the funnel for onward transition for divine purpose.

The third of these is transmission of energy, effected and directed from Our side for purposes of world change and world transfiguration. The effects of this stage shall be manifold – for the healing of nations, cities, and populations, for the lighted beings to further build the bridge of light – so promised, so near; to enable and enforce the Rays here present, to align and enlighten the fields of light that entwine the world, to reach and touch soul levels of consciousness with focused intent and to enrich the outpouring of loving energy from the Ashramic Star. In this transmission are the seeds of love and light and power and can carry the particles of response to human need. 

This transmission phase gives The Call to many through Our apparatus, a linkage stretching from afar, may it be so.

The Withdrawal

The first of these is maturation; the phase whereupon the light is fixed in the disciple’s heart and eye and whereupon the outpouring has completed its task, this phase has seen the power and the light unleashed and STAND. From above, so below. The forces begin to disengage from the atomic structures above, so allowing the lighted field to begin to slow its outpouring from a stream to a trickle. The Work is complete, and the maturation of the Work sees the beginning of the withdrawal phase. that closure is completed efficiently and with time for balancing, each with the other, and for return of physical focus and being.

The second of these is disengagement from the particles of power by the group below the lighted temple; this group in formation disengages completely from the Work and henceforth is assisted in realigning energies within the formation to allow reintegration on the physical level and re-attuning to their lower vehicles.

The third of these is closure of the formation; a return to a steady state of beingness. It is essential that closure is completed efficiently and with time for balancing, each with the other, and for return of physical focus and being. To have undergone this journey with Us, to have served Him and mankind in this way, is to become a living lighted being, fully in control of his nature at that time, fully participative in an Ashramic effort and fully in tune with his soul’s purpose in service to the One.

The more one serves, the more one receives, and so, in service to the plan, the disciple receives more acceleration in his life which can mean delineation in his auric field of possibilities for transmutative work. Thus, individual disciples approach the initiatory experience more readily when engaged in hierarchical group work than might otherwise be the case, leading to precipitation of karmic responsibility which may cause a minor, albeit sometimes decisive, disturbance of the lower vehicles. This will always pass and be the more beneficial if esoteric law is followed; we teach and nurture Our disciples in the ways of the journey of light.

The formative stages of the formation should provide for an exclusion encirclement of light around the participants. From Our perspective we use six encirclements to protect and focus certain energies which are given by Us and lifted from earth. The first of these is centered in the middle of the Twelve radiating outwards and blending with the second which encompasses in a band the participants. The third of these, the exclusion encirclement, is around the outside of the formation, the fourth blends from that to the fifth and finally the sixth which is encompassing and focusing light in circuitous motion. Each of these encirclements is devised for protective purposes. Those that Stand in the Light in waiting should not pass the exclusion encirclement except when called to do so for purpose of the work.

Before the formation is enacted a period of protective encirclement should unfold as has been the case, successfully, heretofore. This energetic work combines with Ours to achieve the desired occult effects. The desired evolution of the process will necessitate no guidance from within the third encirclement. At this time, it is appropriate in preparatory Twelves to undertake this activity, however, I shall apprise my interpreter of timing. The future shall bring a trained organism, well trained in the art of this work, and it shall work in silence apart from certain Words of Power given by the North disciple indicating to all the nature and application required.

We shall have, then, three stages of Twelves development; the first preparatory which utilises the guidance of one who has been trained and is trusted by the Ashram to safely fulfil this role, acting in the third encirclement. 

The second is a group which has encompassed this activity by integrating the guidance within the Twelve and has progressed to initiating application by Words of Power, working consciously with the Ashram.

The third Twelve is one which consciously works with the Rays and is formed and completed at Our request with efficacy. This group has achieved a close collaboration, in full consciousness, with the Heart of the Ashram, in full silence with Words of Power received from Ashramic sources guiding the work. It is this last group who shall be engaged in participatory initiatory work of real significance.

And now to talk of Rays, My friends, you have heard Me talk before of the Ray work of the Twelves and I would here bring to your conscious awareness again this concept of three types of Twelve. Dear brothers, We have worked with you on the Second Ray aspects of this outpouring with some Third Ray work and very little First Ray (but some nonetheless). At some future time, I shall be asking you to focus, from Approach stage, on a line of intent. This line shall be of the nature of one of the Rays (inclusive of its Sub-Ray structure) and certain advantages, esoterically, accrue for Us to have you poised. Facilitation is improved, flow heightened and application more the easier when all stages of the bridge are conscious of the energy transference. 

Brothers be not downhearted; your intent is enough and will grow into appreciation and conscious cooperation in due time. It is not necessary for all to achieve the same consciousness to reap results; some will serve by Standing, some by Application and some by fully Conscious Integration , all serve.

To those who Stand in the Light in waiting, a special mention I shall give herewith, such a contribution is sorely needed by Us and is, in itself, a part of the process and gives indications to Us of service. This is not an idle process but a Standing Forth of Light which is utilised by the lighted beings, each bridge needs its supporting structure!

The Brotherhood of the Star is especially active at this time in the great vortexes which require a cleansing process to invigorate the linkages so creating more stability in the web; London, New York, Moscow, Tokyo, Darjeeling, Geneva, Rio de Janeiro, Berlin, Brussels, Adelaide and Beijing have set up a relationship, a presence of linkage, which shall be utilised by Us for the purposes of preparation of the Subtle Architecture for Christ’s Return. The Brotherhood of the Star is His Brotherhood and at its centre He Stands. Remember always, dear brothers, that you are reflecting Ashramic energy, acting as transmission agents both during the concentrated work of formation and during your lives afterwards.

Take up then the Banner and let it Unfurl!

Take Our Call and let it Transmit! 

Take Our Master’s Love and let it Shine!

The Initiate, Ashram K.H. May 1999