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Esoteric Apprentice reviews

“Inspiring experience for all who wish to make a difference in the world.

Excellent explanation of the beauty and challenges one might expect in performing group work of an esoteric nature. The book is easy to read, written from the Heart and with humility, with profound insight into the ways we can join forces with others to bring about collective healing when entered into with sincerity and love. I highly recommend Steven’s book and encourage participation within your community in whatever capacity you are called to do.”  Mooncoach (Silvia Pancaro), astrologer

“I have just this moment completed reading The Esoteric Apprentice – first reading, taken over a period of 2-3 days reading a chapter or two in a session. 

I simply must tell you how deeply touched I am with your very clear, heartfelt, forthrightly honest communication of your (and the Group’s) journey with what became Twelves Group work. 

Chapter 7 is the most significant chapter for me on a personal basis.  I am deeply, deeply touched by what you have conveyed in that Chapter – to the point of tears.

 Thank you, thank you, thank you for this very important book.” – Shizandra Goodwin, original member of Twelves 1990s

“I have been involved with Theosophy and Esotericism for a long time and a student of Alice Bailey’s books especially and have come across many groups that assist this work internationally. I was astounded to read of the group described in this small book as I have no knowledge of it.

They take the work of DK and Alice Bailey and expand it from threes to groups of twelves. They actually did this physically, in group sessions, and I find the concept astounding. This has the real potential to expand into a world service work of great import. They also had direct contact with the Spiritual Hierarchy (or one of its members) guiding them through the process.

Read the reviews on this page and if you want to know what it is really like to serve within a group setting get this book.” – Salvator Mundi, Amazon Customer

“This book presents a very clear and concise Path to a viable esoteric service . It offers hope and instruction rarely found today.” Amazon reviewer

“It was with great pleasure that I read Steven’s book – a book I had been looking forward to. There are very few books like it in the esoteric field. Almost a hundred years ago the Tibetan teacher Djwhal Khul began giving information on the imminent and momentous ”Externalization of the Hierarchy.”

In Christian terms this is the establishment of the ”Kingdom of God” on Earth, composed of those who are living and functioning as souls(characterized by love and wisdom), of which there are now millions throughout the world. The Tibetan teaches that the Soul is not only a higher consciousness, but a higher spiritual energy, and that this energy, transmitted by disciples and initiates, plays a key role in transforming humanity. 

One of the major contributions of the Tibetan was the inauguration of meditation groups with a focus on service using ”occult”meditation – the conscious invocation and distribution of spiritual energies.We are told that disciples in such groups are brought together by unseen forces for such work. This requires knowledge, a fairly advanced spiritual development, but also a special connection between the individuals in such a group involving a deep unity of soul, heart and purpose.

In Steven’s group, a unique and rare opportunity existed where it was possible for them to become an active vehicle for the spiritual forces generated by much greater beings than they had ever before been conscious of. And that is indeed whatSteven documents. 

Naturally these advanced specialized groups are relatively few, though they have greatly increased over the last Century. They are truly ”seed groups.” And Steven’s account is a rare glimpse into such a pioneering seed group.

The first thing that impressed me reading Steven’s account is that his experience is a confirmation of the”externalization” process itself as well as certain predictions Master D.K.made regarding esoteric groups. The Masters and initiates are indeed engaged in this process and actively guiding their chosen ones, as they did with Steven and the ”Groups of Twelve.” 

His group received direct teachings from an initiate – new information required for their esoteric work but in perfect harmony with what had previously been given (through Alice A.Bailey and a few others). 

This new information in Steven’s book is certainly one of its most important contributions to the esoteric field, and is of great value to future generations.” –  Patrick Chouinard, esotericist, teacher and author

“Steven Chernikeeff’s book The Esoteric Apprentice is a captivating personal recount of an occult experiment in group work consciously aligned with a group of Masters on the inner planes.

 Their group received instruction to undertake work in twelve formation and to act asa conduit for Hierarchical ashramic energy, as an experiment of the triangles work undertaken by Lucis Trust and others.

 The method of teaching was given through higher telepathy during their ashramic meditation. It described an experiment in founding or starting focal points in the human family through which certain energies can flow out into the entire race of men.

 A profound and fascinating read, highly recommended!” – Stephane Chollet, CEO Surya World, teacher and esotericist

The Esoteric Apprentice offers a fascinating look into the world of inner group work and meditation, the challenges involved in group co-operation and working in the subtle realms.

 There is much value here for newcomers to group meditation, the pitfalls involved and the joy of group service.” Phillip Lindsay, author of Unveiling Genesis and The Initiations of Krishnamurti

“This book presents a very clear and concise Path to a viable esoteric service. It offers hope and instruction rarely found today.” – Kindle Customer

“I have just completed this book and I am quite taken aback.

I have read DK’s books for many decades and have been one of the excited thousands waiting for the externalization to be seen here on earth. I was staggered to read that a group had actually taken DK’s material and put it into ritual practice. I had no idea that such a group existed or about the work in twelves as foretold by Master M. in the book Agni Yoga and DK in the 24 books with Alice Bailey.

It was a thrill to read this group met and worked together in harmony to bring light and love to our world and this was predicted by DK and M. I do wish this work was continuing today and I can only assume this sets a kind of template for the future?

Bravo! to all of you who joined in and how lucky you were!” – Susan, Goodreads

“Having read many books by Bailey, Besant, Blavatsky, Steiner and Hall, I looked forward to reading The Esoteric Apprentice by Steven Chernikeeff. How exciting that their group of Twelve was doing this work and I hope others are able to assume the mantle. A must read for other Theosophists.” – Kylah Peterman, Goodreads

“This book presents a very clear and concise Path to a viable esoteric service . It offers hope and instruction rarely found today.” – Katherine D, Goodreads

“Lastly finished this book. It’s excellent read-encourage to go group meditation and entering the inner meaning of life.” – Jane Auston, Barnes and Noble

“Students of the esoteric realm understand not only the importance but the necessity of group work for the future of humanity. The Esoteric Apprentice is an account of some who responded to the call and worked as a group for 20 years. From the first GONG until the eventual dissipation of this group, we can learn much. As each of us plays a role, however small, in the lives and future of all, it is my hope that more groups form and undertake the service that lies ahead. Kudos Steven for your service and for bringing this concept more into the light!” Mindy Burge, Editor The Esoteric Apprentice

“This book is a very new and intriguing, behind the curtain examination of an extremely rare venture. It feels incredibly special to get a glimpse of the work undertaken by this inspiring group and the fact the first meeting took place in Glastonbury, only a stones throw away from where I live, makes it all the more outstanding. I’ve read Alice Bailey’s books and this expands on her work in a very exciting way. Definitely a must read!” – Kelly, Goodreads

The Esoteric Apprentice is an awesome book. Every word learned me to go deep dive of knowledge. Good creation-recommended one!” – Josalyn Cork, Goodreads

The Esoteric Apprentice is a special book that makes an important contribution to the understanding of esoteric practice when it is aimed at human and planetary betterment. The work in question, Twelves, concerns, in layperson’s terms, a form of ritualised group meditation. Chernikeeff provides insights into the motivations, purpose or intention, the methods and the reasoning behind pure, spiritually focused group work, which serves to put into practice that which was delineated at considerable length in the texts of Theosophist Alice A. Bailey.

Written as memoir in accessible and engaging prose, the narrative is peppered with explanations and quotations, providing the lay reader with a sort of primer, and the esoterically minded with an example of what is achievable through dedication and a commitment to act. Chernikeeff documents twenty years of dedication and commitment in a very human manner. Honesty, integrity and above all humility infuse this short book. The structure and presentation are excellent.Alice Bailey’s texts were meant not only to inform and help foster inner transformation, they were given as guidance for esoteric practice in all its forms, for the use by those on the right-hand path of love, wisdom and goodwill. Chernikeeff and the Twelves participants are to be commended for their efforts at applying the teachings, captured by the author in The Esoteric Apprentice.

In all, The Esoteric Apprentice is a valuable resource and a must read for all esoteric practitioners who aspire to foster global change for the better.” – Isobel Blackthorn, author The Unlikely Occultist: A biographical novel of Alice A. Bailey, Clarissa’s Warning, A Matter of Latitude and many others

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