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Distant Twelve Protocols


When considering this work it is useful to be reminded that Light, in the esoteric sense, carries with it Power and Love. This is why it is used thus:

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth

This Triune energy, combined, is the force which binds esoteric group work together and allows the NGWS access to the higher points of energy to distribute to the Grid of Light in a purposeful and meaningful way. Our work together simply seeks to ‘magnetize’ that work to an even greater level than is possible in groups of three and reflect the perfection that is Cosmos.

As has been discussed elsewhere a single Distant Twelve is certainly more powerful than a single Triangle but much less than a physical Twelve as described in the book The Esoteric Apprentice.

We decided to introduce Distant Twelves as an adjunct and expansion of focus of the triangle work. In doing so we add to the Grid and, after some time, we may focus on specific issues that require focus. In addition to this we have three other benefits:

  1. We train in Triangles to make the transition to Twelves more easily accomplished


There are three stages to your welcomed participation:

  1. Joining the Twelves ‘pool’ and being allocated a Triangle and undertaking your commitment to work in unison, at the times you agree, with your coworkers

You will be well versed in how a Triangle works and, hopefully, establish good relations with your two coworkers. It is now time to expand that, from January Full Moon 2019, into a more focused intent. This work should not be taken lightly, although we do enjoy a great sense of humour and camaraderie in the group, as the focus required can be intense especially at the later stages when we undertake the active destruction and creating of thoughtforms. Also active and direct contact with our ashramic coworkers can have large impact on each of us individually as well as a group. On the protection side you need have no fears as we act under the ashramic ‘umbrella’ and invoke that protection at all stages.

The following are ‘work-in-progress’ and may be subject to change and refinement as we progress the distant side to Twelves.

First Stage

This is an individual responsibility and apart from the obvious cautions about drugs, alcohol etc. not being in the ‘mix’ it is important for coworkers to be ready with ‘intent’. That is to say preparing ones ‘being’ at least 3 days before a Twelve and requesting right action in your daily meditations and invocations. A calm, focused intent is required for this work and, most important, LEAVE your personal ‘stuff’ at the door when entering.

Assuming that you are now focused, trained in the art of Triangles, keep emotions and mental faculties under control have read and understood ‘The Esoteric Apprentice’ (a requirement) and have understood that any other issues in your personal life have to be set aside whilst you undertake this service activity we can advance to Stage Two.

Second Stage

Whenever I undertake group work I ask for protection and in a larger group setting such as the Twelves Work I recite The Great Invocation and I would advise you to do the same. All of your coworkers will be trained, focused and inter-changeable.

You might find it helpful to visualise coworkers outlined and surrounded by light but not a specific person, male or female etc.

This person visualized represents, and IS, one of your coworkers in the Triangle that is about to interlace with another three other Triangles. When the connection is firm recite The Great Invocation in anticipation of joining the larger group formation.

Third Stage

When the time has come, ideally at the synchronized time but not a strict requirement, see your Triangle floating above the other three Triangles already in formation (nine) and sounding the OM lower your Triangle onto the Nine completing the Twelve.

When you are advanced in this work you will definitely feel the stages of connection and it is quite dramatic, occultly speaking, when the Triangles merge and the Twelve is complete. But this is the beginning as we are a battery only but if we are successful and connection with the ashram is made, I must emphasize, BY THE GROUP as a unit then the anticipatory buildup of energy is palpable and, on occasion, seen.

Do not be surprised, in your daily life, if things start to ‘happen’ and a feeling of being ‘full of energy’ (as occultly understood) is with you in surprising ways. It is life changing, if properly applied, and I have always described it as a magnet. One end is self and the other is the ashram and once that has been established it ‘pulls’ you. I’m sure many of you will have felt this in other esoteric work but it really intensifies with advanced group white magic work. Do not be alarmed! Hidden hands guide us.

Fourth Stage

Now the connection is made. Visualize your eleven coworkers in formation. Recite again The Great Invocation followed by three OMs.

Visualize the Vortex descending into the middle of the group. You will probably sense, at this time, many other beings around our Twelve. I always acknowledge this but I do not engage with them. They are there to help, protect and work with the Vortex. Also, and this has happen on every single occasion we did this physically, a Great Deva attended at the mouth of the Vortex, again I urge to recognise and appreciate this presence is one thing but to invite for a coffee is quite another. Please do not engage but a silent ‘thank you’ is enough as we have work to do.

Visualize as you repeat The Great Invocation Light, Love and Power descending through the Vortex, down into the middle of the Twelve and out into The Grid.

Fifth Stage

After approximately ten to fifteen minutes visualize the Light dissipating and lessening and your Triangle slowly and purposefully ‘lifting’ off the other Nine coworkers (the three other Triangles) until about 3 feet (1 meter) and dissolving beautifully, quietly and peacefully into the ether.

Sixth Stage

It is ultimately important to ‘live’ this process and keep focused on the reality of what we are undertaking together.

We ask: give of this small amount of time to work with other coworkers of like spirit and motivation. Remember:

  2. FOCUS

Love, Light and Power will be our watchwords and our guide rope as we traverse the rocky way.

The Initiate told us of the Three Stages in the Twelves work (Preparatory, Implementory and Revelatory) and the first stage we completed over a 20 year period. We are now in the Implementory stage and you have been Called.

2025 beckons and we must advance group work NOW. After 2025 a new teaching will emerge as the third part of the Ancient Wisdom outlined by HPB and AAB. This is not our task, we are to advance and experiment with group synthesis and group action, we, a band of brothers and sisters. Let’s get to it.

OM                                                 OM                                               OM

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