Commentary to Burning Ground Protocol – Short Version

It may be said… that triangles and the Triangle network has been the anchor point of our Hierarchy for many decades. Men and women of goodwill are fervently working to ground energies in basic group formation. In fact, it is the smallest, working group formation that can take in cosmic energies in stabilized form.

It has been suggested that rather than work in ‘isolation’ or, maybe a better way to describe it, ‘secondarily’, through the planetary grid we should utilise the Triangle network that has been formed over the decades.

The Burning Ground is the web and through this We (the Hierarchy) may work, burning the stubble of Maya, preparing the earth by tilling with love. (The Initiate, November 2020)

The above phrases are sign posts to the next phase of the Twelves work. However, it requires a deeper understanding than has hitherto been the case. It has been pointed out on various occasions that the work of the Twelves would be different than that of the Triangle work of the men and women of goodwill, however important that work is to the Hierarchy.

The period leading up to 2025 and to that of the re-emergence of the One who all await will require a commitment as well as the application of esoteric knowledge to the task at hand.

Maybe more can be gleaned by breaking down the phrases of the above Instruction:

– the Triangle network

Concerning the Triangle Network, DK has this to say:

At present a pattern of squares is the major construction of the web but this is slowly changing as the divine plan works out. The effort on Earth today (as seen by the planetary Logos) is to bring about a transformation of the web of the planet and thus slowly change the existing squares into triangles…

The inner web of light which is called the etheric body of the planet is essentially a web of triangles and when the evolutionary process is completed, it will have been organised. 

Esoteric Psychology – A Treatise on the Seven Rays Vol I

It is for this reason that the Twelves utilise the existing and established Triangle Network

– the Burning Ground is the web

Within humanity enough have awakened. This has created an essential point of crisis, producing the needed point of tension. It is the result of the “invocative decision” of the personality (the Dweller) which, in time, produces an “evocative response” from the soul (the Angel of the Presence). The two factors involved move together and towards each other. In the centre of the burning ground they meet, and then the lesser light of the personality is absorbed into the greater light of the soul.

By redirecting the use of the will humanity crosses the Burning Ground, purifying old outdated modes and becoming more inclusive as it constructs the new world civilisation and begins to formulate the new culture. In this process the centres awaken.

When the mind (the instrument of thought) has become the vehicle of soul life, soul light and soul love, and the etheric web is responsive to the inflow of energy from the mind, then the reorganisation of the individual etheric web takes place. The individual etheric body is only a part, an aspect, of the etheric web of humanity; the steady reorganisation of the many parts leads to a transformation of the whole. In this work of assembling the necessary thought power for constructive work, the etheric web is definitely involved.

the work is to aid in the construction of the planetary body of light

– and through this We (the Hierarchy) may work

The disciple, by redirecting his will, has confronted his personality and invoked the soul. The individual asks and is ready to serve. The disciple responds to a Master’s call or note, to His vibration and to His group. Spiritual intuition is the capacity of the soul to register contact with the Hierarchy. This invocative action evokes a response.

In the case of the Twelves group work, …the individuals’ centres have, temporarily, become a vehicle for the formation’s combined focus and, more importantly, for the Hierarchy to weld the formation into a united Temple of Light that creates, firstly a web of light, secondly an encirclement of light and thirdly a channel of light.

The creation by the Hierarchy in using the group formation of a web of light, an encirclement of light and a channel of light.

– burning the stubble of Maya

When the burning ground has done its work and the smaller light is absorbed into the greater light, then illusion can no longer control the mind,  glamour has lost all power to veil and the forces of maya can no longer hinder.  Discrimination, dispassion and indifference have produced the dispelling through focussed light, the dissipating potency of distributed light and the directing power of light energy.

Maya is not something to be destroyed, dissipated, dissolved or negated.  Maya is in reality an aspect of time and connotes to the initiate the mass of creative forces with which he must work; these are swept into form generation and activity, and embody in the transitional, ephemeral, present moment the phenomenal point in evolution reached by the life of God. 

The work of the initiate, acting under hierarchical inspiration, is to change the present forms into the more adequate forms demanded by the descending life and its dynamic activity.  We are therefore dealing with the precipitated aspect of divine evolutionary process.

The work done within the veils (of maya) is one of rearrangement and the ordination and coordination of the forces, present as existent maya. This requires the worker to stand in full indifference. What does this mean?  Technically understood, it signifies direct descent from there to here, without deviation or distortion; it signifies refusal to be identified with anything save the spiritual reality as far as that is sensed and known at any given point in time and space.  He works consequently from a point of intense concentration; he refuses any “attachment” to any form or plane as he projects the energy into and through the three worlds.

The work done within the veils (of maya) is one of rearrangement and the ordination and coordination of the forces, present as existent maya. This requires the worker to stand in full indifference / neutrality and from a point of intense concentration and identification with the soul and the Ashram.

– preparing the earth by tilling with love.

To quote from Temple of Light:

This process (of Twelves formations) enables Us (the Hierarchy) to reach the earth with an intensity of love, light and power heretofore unknown and work with the great vortexes which require a cleansing process to invigorate the linkages so creating more stability in the web; London, New York, Moscow, Tokyo, Darjeeling, Geneva, Rio de Janeiro, Berlin, Brussels, Adelaide and Beijing have set up a relationship, a presence of linkage, which shall be utilised by Us for the purposes of preparation of the Subtle Architecture for Christ’s Return.

The effects of this transmission of energy, directed from Our side shall be manifold – for purposes of world change, for the healing of nations, cities, populations, for the lighted beings to further build the bridge of light – so promised, so near.

A Few Words about Protection

Radiating pulses are used for protective purposes by Ashramic workers to secure the light field, this is why such potent group work should always be under Ashramic guidance and sponsorship.

The formative stages of the formation should provide for an exclusion encirclementof light around the participants. From Our perspective we use six encirclements to protect and focus certain energies which are given by Us and lifted from earth. The first of these is centred in the middle of the Twelve radiating outwards and blending with the second which encompasses in a band the participants. The third of these, the exclusion encirclement, is around the outside of the formation, the fourth blends from that to the fifth and finally the sixth which is encompassing and focusing light in circuitous motion. Each of these encirclements is devised for protective purposes. Those that Stand in the Light in waiting(those in a supporting role)should not pass the exclusion encirclement except when called to do so for purpose of the work.

To clarify this, those in a supporting role should visualise themselves being at a distance of at least 10 feet / 3 meters from the Twelves formation.