Burning Ground Twelves Protocol Summary

Summary of the Steps of the Burning Ground Twelves Protocol

Please follow coordinators comments

• Enter the Sacred Space – The space chosen should be free from any outside interruptions during the time of the work. Get ready while in meditative sitting position.

• Standing in the Light – the group coordinator will recite the Invocation of Protection. Stand with focused INTENT. Connect with your group members and recite the Great Invocation followed by three OMs.

• Executing the Twelve Formation – Step into the space. The ‘North’ Triangle stands firm, creating a focused line of approach through invocative intent. Connect with your Triangle co-workers and when the cohesion has been reached, sound the OM once. Now the ‘South’ Triangle connects with its co-workers and when ready sees their Triangle floating above the ‘North’ Triangle and while sounding the OM, they lower their Triangle onto it and stand ready in focused invocative intent. The East/West Triangles (3 and 4) follow, thus completing the Twelve formation, each sounding the OM once.  When done, all sound the OM three times.

• Invoking the Vortex – The Twelve formation as one integrated unit now step forward for the work ahead. During this stage the group becomes energetically charged. Sense this buildup of energy by the group as a whole.

Recite the Disciples Invocation2) followed by three OMs. This is the point when connection with the Ashram may be made. Visualize the Vortex descending into the centre of the group and then expand to envelope the formation.

‘Let the Flame spin upon the Way’ refers to the destroyer aspect which burns away the dross of illusion and transmutes it in its action.

The work of the Burning Ground Twelve is to stand in the light, focused, unperturbed and steady. This vortex, this structure of light, shall utilise each disciples’ centres to create a light-swell of force which permeates the group existence and reinforces the web of light and connects to earth’s centres.

The City Invocation is now intoned by the coordinator. The group responds with the OMs and engages in the work to be done.

• Radiating Out

‘Let the Light stand revealed’: stand in the knowing that the light of the Soul can only reveal itself when the dross has been shattered by the Flame.

The Twelve formation acts as a funnel through which Light, Love and Power descends and radiates out through the NGWS, the Triangle Grid and out into the world. Hold this for ten to fifteen minutes or till the Coordinator suggests when to end.

• Lifting and Dissolution

The coordinator will inform the formation when to start visualizing the Light slowly dissipating and lessening. See Triangle 4 now slowly and purposefully rising above the other three Triangles and dissolving beautifully, quietly and peacefully into the ether. This is followed by the other Triangles, in sequence. Give thanks to all visible and invisible workers who have contributed to this work andfor the opportunity to serve in this way.

In closing members recite one more time the Great Invocation followed by three OMs.

• Integration

Take time to integrate this experience afterwards to allow your bodies to readjust.

 1) see the technique of divine indifference in Glamour a World Problem by Alice Bailey, Section Three – The Ending of Glamour.

2) Most will be well versed in how a Triangle works and establish good relations with their two coworkers. For those new to Triangles please follow the link given at >    lucistrust.org/triangles

3) The Disciples Invocation has been given in 1982 to the world by the Initiate, who is the Lighted Being who inspired the original Twelves process.