Burning Ground Twelves Protocol

The Burning Ground Twelves Protocol

for real-time Twelves – via Zoom

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It is planned to expand the work in Twelves formations with a more directed intent. The focus required can be intense, especially at the later stages when we plan to aid in the construction of the planetary light body, in the cleansing of the web, to undertake the active destruction and the creation of thoughtforms.

As a body within humanity, the Twelves, by invocative tension, create a line of intent to allow the Hierarchy to weld the group formation into a Temple of Light.

This requires from the Twelve worker to stand with focused intent and in divine indifference1) in the vortex so that it does not get ‘contaminated’ by maya and glamour, thereby adding to the existing problem instead of it to fall away by the potency of the light.  This work should not be taken lightly.


The Dweller upon the Threshold is the personality—the sum total of all the past, of all unresolved problems, all undeclared desires and ancient habits of any of the three bodies (both bad and good). These, in their totality, are brought to the surface of consciousness, there to be dealt with in such a way that their control is broken. The Dweller, the personality,  is then absorbed by the Angel of the Presence, the soul. (from Glamour a World Problem – the Technique of Fusion)

It is not only an individual who needs to confront his Dweller, but groups, nations and the planet as a whole. During times of global crisis, humanity questions its existing values and confronts its past, its unresolved problems.  This has created an essential point of crisis on  a global level, thereby producing the needed tension by the personality (the Dweller) invoking the soul (the Angel of the Presence) By redirecting the use of the will humanity crosses the Burning Ground, purifying old outdated modes and becoming more inclusive as it constructs the new world civilisation and begins to formulate a new culture. In this process the planetary centres awaken.

When the mind has become the vehicle of the soul, the etheric web of the individual is transformed. Likewise, the etheric web of humanity, on a planetary level, is reorganised when enough individuals respond to soul light and soul love , thus transforming the whole.

The inner web of light which is called the etheric body of the planet is at present a pattern of squares,  but this is slowly changing as the divine plan works out.

Working with Triangles2)

The effort on Earth today (as seen by the planetary Logos) is to bring about a transformation of the web of the planet and thus slowly change the existing squares into triangles… (from Esoteric Astrology – TSR -Vol III)

It is for this reason that the Twelves utilise the Triangle network.

  • We train in Triangles to make the transition to Twelves more easily accomplished;
  • We prepare a large group of experienced coworkers to meet (physically or subjectively) to undertake the advanced work that lays before us. This pool of coworkers allows us more certainty that a Twelve will be available and ready.
  • We will learn, discover and participate in the group ‘Note’ as this pervades our work together. It is the Note of the Ashram – listen well dear friends, for it sounds continually. Our OMs reflect this.


There are four stages of participation:

  • Being allocated a Triangle2) – joining a Twelve and undertaking a commitment to work in unison with your Triangle coworkers in a Twelve formation at times agreed upon, e.g. during the full moon and new moon. We expect people to have participated in at least 2-3 Twelve formations before attending a Burning Ground Twelve (BGT)
  • To have read the Commentary (of why BGT have come into existent) and the BGT Protocol  (how the work is undertaken);
  • A Burning Ground Twelve is a real-time Twelve coordinated  through Zoom. The worker needs to have all set-up before the BGT. During the session the video and audio are on though it is imperative that your microphone is OFF. The participant should not be interrupted while undertaking this work. For the first times we advise people to attend a BGT as a Supporter, to get used to the proceedings and how to stay in divine indifference1) while at the same time visualizing and engaging in the task at hand.
  • After signing up to participate in a Burning Ground Twelve, know and undertake the process outlined here.


Please follow the instructions of the coordinator. While the Guidelines shared before a BGT are a blueprint for the work at hand, there might be changes and additions, as per guidance received in the moment.

The Burning Ground Twelve is as near as a physical Twelve in that all Twelve workers meet at the same time, are linked by zoom and are guided through the process by a coordinator. They also meet ahead of the session to prepare. It therefore requires a firm commitment, especially as some workers might have to get up at 2 AM and work through to 4 AM.

Make sure that the computer/mobile phone is linked to zoom at the stipulated times.

There are seven stages in the process. In the past these stages were all undertaken in an upright standing position, but this is not a requirement anymore. However, some workers choose to stand during the Vortex phase.

1. Entering Sacred Space

This requires individuals to be fully responsible and, apart from the obvious cautions about drugs, alcohol etc. being incompatible with the work, it is important for coworkers to be ready with intent. This means preparation of one’s being at least 3 days before a Twelve and adhering to right action in one’s daily meditations and invocations. A calm, focused mind is required for this work and, most important, setting aside all personal ‘stuff’ at the ‘door’ before ‘entering their ‘sacred space’ The space chosen should be free from any outside interruptions during the time of the work.

Assuming that the worker is now able to maintain a focus and is trained in the art of Triangles and in the Technique of Indifference, is emotionally and mentally still, then the worker can move on to the next stage.

The worker gets ready by meditating in a sitting position.

2. Standing in the Light

Whenever group work is undertaken under the auspices of the Ashram, protection is invoked. In a larger group setting such as the Twelves, we can be assured of protection of the group and likewise of all individuals. At this stage the coordinator will perform the invocative Twelves Ceremony of Protection.

When in a Twelve Formation, it is helpful to visualize the whole group Standing in the Light, with coworkers as Beings of Light, outlined and surrounded by light, being present, rather than as a specific person, male or female etc.

When the connection between the group members is firm, the coordinator and all recite the Great Invocation followed by three OMs affirming that protection on all members, on the group, on the supporters and the work offered in service through the group in formation.

3. Executing the Twelve Formation

The coordinator will tell the first ‘North’ Triangle members to ‘step into the workspace’ to get ready, for the three Triangle members to connect between, in readiness for the work ahead. The ‘North’ Triangle stands firm, creating a focused line of approach through invocative intent. When occultly ready they sound the OM once.

Then the second, the ‘South’ Triangle steps into the space and gets ready and connects between its members. Now the ‘South’ Triangle sees their Triangle floating above the first Triangle, they lower their Triangle onto it and stand ready in focused invocative intent. When ready they sound the OM once.

This process is repeated by the third (‘East)’ Triangle (+OM once) and then the fourth (‘West’) Triangle (+OM once), thus completing the Twelve formation.

When all Triangles are formed, aligned and are now one formation, all recite the Disciples Invocation3) followed by the OM three times.

Visualize your Triangle partners and all coworkers in the Twelve formation and feel the soul light and soul love weld you into a unity.

4. Invoking and Visualising the Vortex

The worker is no longer an individual working with others but an essential component in the formation of light that approaches the Hierarchy in service.

The Twelve formation as one integrated unit now steps forward for the work ahead. During this stage the group becomes energetically charged. Sense this buildup of energy by the group as a whole.

Follow the coordinator who will recite one or more Invocations followed by OMs. This is the point when connection with the Ashram may be made. Visualize the Vortex descending into the centre of the group and then enveloping the Group.

The work of the Burning Ground Twelve is to stand in the light, focused, unperturbed and steady. This vortex, this structure of light, shall utilise each disciples’ centres (according to their propensity) and in summation shall multiply the energy for connection to earth’s centres. The integrative nature of the formation creates a light-swell of force which permeates the group existence and reinforces the web of light.

The current task entrusted to the Group is to visualize a triangulation between the Earth’s centres of New York, London and Moscow. The City Invocation is now intoned by the coordinator. The group responds with the OMs.

Let the Flame spin upon the Way refers to the destroyer aspect which burns away the dross of illusion and transmutes it in its action.

5. Radiating Out

Let the Light stand revealed – stand in the knowing that the light of the Soul can only reveal itself when the dross has been shattered by the Flame.

As a Group standing in formation the Light of Shamballa is invoked to burn the outer dross of these earth Centres and to Let those therein Become One with the Divine Purpose.

While the members stand with intent and in neutrality they become a vehicle for the formation’s combined focus for the Hierarchy.

The Initiate explains thus:  This focus of energy, talismanic in effect, magnetically aligns the Ashramic pull with a line of intent. The individuals’ centers have, temporarily, become a vehicle for the formation’s combined focus and, more importantly, for Us (the Hierarchy) to weld the formation into a united Temple of Light. The connection of the stream of energy creates, firstly a web of light, secondly an encirclement of light and thirdly a channel of light – mark these words well. 

The work done has multiple layers: the intent to serve as a Being of Light with an anchoring point in the earthly realms – to stand in divine indifference so as not to add ‘contaminants’ to the energies that are being directed through the Vortex while at the same time visualising the task at hand, in this case the triangulation of the three cities and the related invocative call. The worker also stays focused on one’s Triangle and its seamless insertion into the Twelve formation as it acts as a channel/funnel through which Light, Love and Power descends to accomplish a task and radiates out through the NGWS, into the Triangle Grid and into the world. Hold this for 10-15 minutesor till one senses the Vortex closing.

Participants can sense when the Vortex closes at which time the Great Invocation is recited followed by 3 OMs

6. Lifting and Dissolution

The coordinator will inform the workers when to start visualizing the Light slowly dissipating and lessening. See Triangle 4 now slowly and purposefully rising above the other three Triangles and dissolving beautifully, quietly and peacefully into the ether. This is followed by the other Triangles, in sequence. Give thanks to all visible and invisible co-workers of the various kingdoms who have aided in this work and for the opportunity to serve in this way.

Close the work with a last Great Invocation followed by three OMs.

7. Integration

Take time to integrate this experience afterwards to allow your bodies to readjust.

Living this Process

It is important to ‘live’ this process and keep focused on the reality of what we are all undertaking together.

The keywords to integrate are:

  2. FOCUS

The Burning Ground Twelve is a united and concerted effort that allows the descend into matter through a manifested group of trained disciples rather than through more diverse structures as has heretofore been the case. This process enables The Hierarchy to reach the earth with an intensity of love, light and power heretofore unknown.

OM                                         OM                                                OM

. 1) see the technique of divine indifferencein Glamour a World Problem – Section Three – The Ending of Glamour by AAB

2) Most will be well versed in how a Triangle works and establish good relations with their two coworkers. For those new to Triangles please follow the link given at >    lucistrust.org/triangles

3) The Disciples Invocation has been given in 1982 to the world by the Initiate, who is the Lighted Being who inspired the original Twelves process.

Invocations Used during this BGT Protocol

Twelves Ceremony of Protection 

The Great Invocation 

The Disciples Invocation 

City Invocation 


Let the Lords of Liberation Issue Forth 

The Mantram of Unification