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About Twelves Events and Groups

Twelves events are organised for Permanent Twelves (PTs), Distant Twelves (DTs), and national and regional Groups. The aim is to establish and maintain a rhythm and sustain our conscious inner link with our work and the Ashram.

Permanent Twelves members have committed to serve through Twelves for the next 12 months. However, due to personal circumstances and other inner work engagements, not everybody can commit to a regular schedule and so choose to engage as a ‘distant’ Twelves.  Distant Twelves members are also those who have just joined the Twelves and through Triangles and Twelves Protocols gain insights and experiences of what Twelves entail.


Triangles are practiced daily across all Twelves groups

Twelves Group Alignment – this is a short meditation that can be practiced daily

Full Moon Meditations are held monthly throughout the year by PTs and DTs, as well as regional and national Group members. Find the 2021 Full Moon Calendar and Times (GMT/UTC) – Link to dates and times

New Moon Twelves Meditations are held monthly throughout the year by PTs and DTs, as well as regional and national Group members.

The Burning Ground Twelves are held monthly. These Twelves are task specific and require the participants to have worked in triangles as well as in Twelves. More information about Burning Ground Twelves can be found through this link

The Ashram Meditations : Held throughout the year, the Ashram Meditation (TAM) is an integrative meditation and group practice designed to encourage and produce a collective synergy within the group and enhance relations with the Ashram. It is distinct from a Twelve as these (Twelves) are designed as a world service activity. The Ashram Meditation (TAM) is a collective group opportunity helping individuals and the groups to create a more integrative link to the Ashram. Link to YouTube Twelves Media Channel

Wesak and Spiritual Festivals: all Twelves Groups are active during these crucial months of the year.

Equinox and Solstice Meditations: Twelves and national Groups will meet 4 times a year during these important gateways.

Anybody interested to joining this work, please visit our FB page link

Twelves Groups

This link takes you to a Google World Map showing the locations by country of Twelves Groups

International Twelves Group – It was through this group that in 1982 the original guidance came and the Twelves blueprint was anchored on to the physical plane. The work continues today with mainly English speaking members. FB page link or visit the Contact page.

There are currently four Permanent Twelves groups serving in Twelves.

National Twelves Groups

There are operational national Twelves Groups in:

SLOVENIA : TRIKOTNIKI-TROUGLOVI Link to the FB public group for Slovenes and Serbian-Croatian speaking members. Contact: rikotniki12 @

Four groups in MEXICO

Two groups in CUBA


One national group in FRANCE. See

One group in INDIA.

One group in USA.

Regional Twelves Groups : there are currently two operational Twelves: 1 for EUROPE and 1 for the USA.

For those interested to join this specific meditation practice in group formation, please visit our FB page link or visit our Contact page.

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