About Burning Ground Twelves

Burning Ground Twelves

Humanity’s evolution has been punctuated by moments of genius, spiritual awakenings and learning by trial and error. Step by step humanity moved from survival mode to more complex modes of acting that involved the physical, astral, emotional, mental and buddhic levels of being. At each step we created ‘good and bad’ karma. At each incarnation we burned off some of that, often through difficult lessons on our paths.  Adding to this there are collective pools of unresolved, outdated and dense matter impeding the influx of light.

Today, this part of the universe, our Earth and thus humanity is moving from the age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius and such transitions require that old patterns be released, This is true on a personal as well as a collective level. The new energies require new vessels. Humanity therefore finds itself at this crossroad, a time hat requires profound changes and the smashing up of the old is visible on all levels.

Evolution is about moving into better modes of being and of living. Through insights and progressive awakenings individuals transform themselves and step through gates of awareness by releasing old outmoded ways of being. This releasing is done through the ‘fire of light’ – the individual is now on the burning ground… 

However, it is important to realise that transitions on such a cosmic scale are planetary and thus affect great swats  of outdated patterns and systems. This breaking up can be traumatic unless those involved move with the tide and into the new.

The Twelves experiment has been initiated with the aid of the Hierarchy, and more specifically, those initiates that are part of the Brotherhood of the Star. The Burning Ground Twelves use the geometrical formations, each  made up of four (4) triangles,  to create a vortex that uses the potency of Light, Love and Power to burn through those pools of unresolved matter, and through those ‘cracks’ let Light flood through to release such energy. This will allow for a more graceful transition. 

Text from the Temple of Light:

When the soul has made its decision to work in this way, an initial stream of light connects the worker with the Ashramic hub, and information, and preparatory energy is on hand. This energetically entwines the Ashramic energies with the light body of the worker in such a way as to make the facilitation of energy that much easier.

This process enables Us to reach the earth with an intensity of love, light and power heretofore unknown. The worker no longer is an individual working with others but an essential component in the formation of light that approaches Us in service. This connection is greater than any individual sum or any individuals working in cooperation, great though that work is to Us, but a critical combination of energetic force which is greatly useful to Us on a conduit of light, focused and powerful, redeeming and loving. The transmission of energy is effected and directed from Our side for purposes of world change and world transfiguration. The effects of this stage shall be manifold – for the healing of nations, cities, and populations, for the lighted beings to further build the bridge of light – so promised, so near; to enable and enforce the Rays here present, to align and enlighten the fields of light that entwine the world, to reach and touch soul levels of consciousness with focused intent and to enrich the outpouring of loving energy from the Ashramic Star. In this transmission are the seeds of love and light and power and can carry the particles of response to human need. 

The Temple of Light: a crucial text for our work – can be found here

A full transcript of a Burning Ground Twelves meditation can be viewed here:-