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TWELVES is an advanced meditation group. We are a global group working together to help and heal humanity. Twelves members undertake conscious energy work in group formation. We practice daily meditations in groups of three – known as Triangles – along with Full Moon and New Moon group meditations, Ashram meditations and Burning Ground Twelves. Through these practices we are building a united vibration of goodwill, light and love.

Twelves draws inspiration from the teachings of the Tibetan, Djwhal Khul (DK), found in Alice A. Bailey’s Discipleship in the New Age Vol I and II. The key source of ideas at the centre of Twelves is the Temple of Light by The Initiate.

Our meditations take place remotely. Some meditations occur over Zoom and others are performed in members’ own time.

If you’ve read the Esoteric Apprentice, (which gives background on the original Twelves group that worked together for 20 years) and think this opportunity matches your level of discipline and soul impulse to serve, please let us know so we can welcome you into active participation.

You can find Twelves on Facebook –

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