A Short Glossary of Terms

All definitions have been derived from the DK teachings found in the books by Alice A. Bailey

Ashram – a group of disciples and initiates working within the sphere of influence of a spiritual master.

Buddhic plane – plane of intuition situated above the mental plane (see planes below)

Logos – Solar and Planetary – Evolving Existences within the overall cosmic hierarchy of being. 

Rays of Energy – seven energy streams emanating from the Source. These Rays flow through the seven centres of force (or planetary Logoi) within the body of our solar Logos, influencing all manifestation within the system.

In the teachings of Alice A. Bailey, the Tibetan, or DK (Djwhal Khul) divides the seven Rays into two groups, a group of three, known as the Rays of Aspect, and a group of four, known as the Rays of Attribute, or as follows:

[The Three Major Rays of Aspect (of Divine Essence)]

Ray I                 Will or Power                                        1st Aspect

Ray II                Love-Wisdom                                        2nd Aspect

Ray III              Active Intelligence                                 3rd Aspect

[The Four Minor Rays of Attribute]

Ray IV              Harmony through Conflict

Ray V               Concrete Knowledge or Science

Ray VI              Devotion or Abstract Idealism

Ray VII             Ceremonial Magic or Order.

Each of the three solar Logoi corresponds to one of the three major Rays of Aspect.  So our solar Logos corresponds to the second Ray of Love-Wisdom.  Primordial matter is conditioned by the third Ray of Active Intelligence.  The first Ray of Divine Will is yet to fully manifest as it relates to a future solar system, governed by the last of the Logoi.

Planes or levels of existence

In theosophy there are seven planes of manifestation, from physical, through emotional (astral), mental (manasic) and intuitional (buddhic), to spiritual (atmic), monadic (anupadaka) and divine (plane of the Logos).

  • The upper triad and lower quaternary are references to these seven planes of consciousness. The upper triad concerns a linking of spiritual will, intuition and higher mind on the Spiritual (Atmic), Intuitional (Buddhic) and Mental (Manasic) planes, the lower quaternary refers to the physical, emotional, etheric and lower mental planes.

Shamballa – a sacred island in the Gobi Desert existing in the higher ethers of the physical plane, home of the Lord of the World and the Great Council ‘responsible for planetary conditions in the solar system’.

Spiritual Hierarchy – A keynote of theosophy is the existence of a spiritual hierarchy of wiser, more advanced beings dedicated to advancing the evolution of consciousness of humanity. This spiritual hierarchy is one version of the ancient teachings on celestial beings. In this sense, ‘spiritual hierarchy’ is the language theosophists put to describe something ineffable, beyond the limits of human comprehension. The hierarchy is grouped into ashrams comprised of masters, adepts and initiates.