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Central to Twelves group is the year 2025. Steven Chernikeeff’s 2025 and the World Teacher is explained below and available for download.

Preparing for 2025

This diagram represents the culmination of a long evolutionary journey in which those aspirants and disciples reach into themselves, the world in which they live and their inner perception in a process of re-orientation towards soul consciousness.

As those who are spiritually oriented delve deep and acknowledge this world of meaning, humanity reaches towards its own understanding that there exists spiritual values including wholeness and interconnectedness and an impulse to include, values recognised by many and clothed in a variety of language.

This then, is the Stage of the Forerunner, in anticipation of a major global transition up ahead in 2025. Today, humanity sits on a razorback. The global economy has ground to a halt due to a pandemic that is testing governments the world over and forcing many to re-evaluate their beliefs, their values, their lives. With few exceptions, the social contract now matters more than profit. The taken for granted aspects of life especially in the West are under the microscope. Every crisis is an opportunity. And the world is desperate for change to address global inequality, the unfair distribution of resources and the degradation of the natural world. Change is needed. A new vision is craved. New guidance sought to avert flipping back into the old business-as-usual style of living that brought us to this point.

The advanced group meditation of Twelves draws on the diagram presented here and seeks to accelerate the process of change. We are a diverse and rapidly expanding group engaged in white magic along the lines given out in the teachings of Djwhal Khul in the Alice Bailey collection. If you are interested in finding out more, explore our website and join our Facebook group –

Twelves founder Steven Chernikeeff talks on why 2025 will be a significant date, drawing on the teachings given by the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul in the books by Alice A. Bailey.

The 2025 Conclave

One of the core reasons Twelves has moved into the implementation phase is to assist through group meditation the preparation and build up to the 2025 Conclave, when a decision will be made regarding the reappearance of the World Teacher and the externalisation of the Hierarchy. We are aware that the planet is in crisis. Is the total destruction of humanity around the corner? Shouldn’t we not just hope, but act to prevent that?

Steven Chernikeeff’s 2025 and the World Teacher is available for download here.

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